What Do You Think? (Favorite Blog Spots)

Well, for the second day in a row my internet connection decided to up and quit on me and I ended up losing half of a post that I was really getting into (the one about Mississippi voting today–it’s much shorter than it originally was).  Usually I don’t have much of a problem but the internet gods have just seen fit to mess with me today.

As a result, I ran out of morning content time and have a few things around the house that I have to hustle through if I want enough time left over for me to go ahead and eat and head to the office.  Not like I’m missing a whole hell of a lot it would seem.  All anyone can talk about seems to be Eliot Spitzer and I addressed that yesterday and don’t particularly feel like doing so again.  For at least a couple of days, it would seem, I have to deal with the political media behaving more like TMZ hounds than usual.

So I’m taking the next few hours off but I wanted to know what you thought.  Originally I was going to ask about internet connections considering the fact that mine decided to take a dive realy threw me off my game for the day, but then realized that that’s a pretty boring place.  So instead, I was wondering where everyone does their thing?

Of course I mean the political online thing.  I don’t care where you make your living unless of course you make your living writing on a political blog.  But that’s where I’m going.  If you’re a political blogger, or just a political junkie that spends a lot of time on the internet doing research, where do you do your business?  Do you have a ritual, or a favorite spot?

I always tell myself every morning I’m going to make myself a big breakfast, and read up on some headlines as I get caught up.  That’s never the case though.  A typical morning is me groggily dragging myself out of bed and trying very hard (and usually failing) to yell at the kids because I got about half the sleep I wanted to the night before.

Kids dressed, packed off in the car, and gone with the wife.  Silence.  I then take a bit to actually wake up and cool down until I realized that it’s nine-thirty and I’ve already wasted more time than I usually like to.  So I sprawl out on our loveseat, the wood in the armrest digging through the upholstery and into my back.  Hopefully there’s a pile of laundry because that makes the best leg cushion ever.  But if not, I make do.  Laptop goes on the lap where it belongs and before I know it, I’ve went straight through to noon and I forgot to eat.

Nothing special, no awesome coffee shop or park bench, no morning ritual other than the usual chaos that exists when more than one person occupies this house at a time.  Me, a beaten up old loveseat, and a stomach that growls in irritation after the third post of the day.

That’s where I go to do this thing we call political blogging.  What about you?  What do you think?

3 Responses to “What Do You Think? (Favorite Blog Spots)”

  1. And before anyone screws up and thinks I’m done for the day, I will be back with some evening content later on.

  2. DM Metzger says:

    No fancy coffee shop’s or park benches for me either. If anything I’ll usually check up on my blogroll rss feeds and stop by memeorandum hourly on my blackberry while at work just keep note of the current events to write about when I get home. Once home I tend to ignore the computer until later in the evening when the wife goes to bed and them spend the remainder of the night (until 3AM or so) researching and writing.

    Each regular post is maybe a half-hours work while some have taken me literally all night. Those are rare, but they do happen. When or IF I get a laptop that might change, but for now it’s just me, the dark of night, and a cold can (or two, or four) of soda. Nothing special.

  3. Dynamic says:

    I’ve got a computer room which is where I spend 80% of my time when I’m home, which is Monday through Thursday most weeks. And because my weekends when I’m not home are spent at raves, my schedule is definitely from dark til dawn. 😆

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