What Dream Team?

I never understood the rationale of calling a joint ticket between Obama and Clinton a “Dream Ticket”, or referring to the pair as a “Dream Team.”  This might be because I remembered the summer of 1992.

Ah, Barcelona.  The rippling azure shores, the golden sands, the ancient structures decorated with time and history.  Ah hell, I’ve never been, but in the summer of ’92 you didn’t actually have to be in Barcelona as the Spanish city opened its doors to the world for the Summer Olympics.

It was here that the real Dream Team was born.

(photo courtesy beRecruited)

Now that was a Dream Team.  The greatest players of all time, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, David Robinson, Scottie Pippin.  Alone, half the guys on this team could conceivably had at least finished with a medal in the Olympics but together they created what was arguably the single best sports team in history.

This provided a unique opportunity to tear down walls that even the annual All Star game provided, and allowed the NBA to put together a roster of its finest players and put them in an actual competitive environment complete with a much coveted prize at the end.  And when all the games had been played, the Dream Team crushed their opponents by earth shattering margins in the forties and fifties, the only team to provide even the slightest bit of competition being Croatia, then led by Tony Kukoc.

I’m sorry, but Barack and Hillary do not a Dream Team make.  One could hardly make the claim that either of them are the best politicians of all time for one.  While Obama has shown some serious chops from time to time, he’s still too young to be deemed one of the greatest.  And Hillary, for all the political acumen ascribed to her, has proven to be politically clumsy and ham handed at times.

Nor do they compliment each other particularly well.  Despite Clinton’s claims to experience, neither one have very much experience in elected office.  As virtually anyone without a deep seated interest in either candidate will tell you, ideologically they are not all that different either; their platforms being very similar in make up.  You can make an argument that they appeal to different demographics, but this, as is the argument of appealing to differing parts of the electoral map also, is something of a flawed argument.

In general, one gets the impression that these two would be terrible together, their differing political styles mixing like oil and water while the animosity that has built up over the primary process gives the impression that neither candidate is exactly on the other’s Christmas card list.  Indeed, one has a hard time imagining either candidate doing well in the number 2 spot either.  Also, there are worries that Clinton on Obama’s ticket would drag it down and spoil the message while Obama on Clinton’s ticket runs the risk of overshadowing the presidential candidate.

In the end, the Dream Team was so-called because it was as close to perfection as you were going to get.  For Democrats, sure, there are some that may honestly think that this is the best ticket our party can provide, but increasingly Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama is looking less like a dream ticket and more like a last ditch effort to settle the nomination without losing a significant amount of Democratic support.

That’s not a dream, it’s much closer to a nightmare.

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One Response to “What Dream Team?”

  1. Errol Smythe says:

    A joint ticket with Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton may not be a bad idea after all. But it is up to the Obama camp and Barak Obama to make the final decision. It is good to have an open mind and examine all options and choose what is best for the Democratic Party and what is good for the country. It may be a tough call to make. But then again it is just a everyday routine decision that one may expect of anyone aspiring for the high office of the President of the United States of America, because to be the President of the United States of America you have to be a great person loved and accepted by all Americans.
    The great President John F Kennedy said “..ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country…”
    Another great President Abraham Lincoln said “…united we stand,divided we fall…” and Ronald Reagan, a third great President said “…America is a shining beacon of democracy……”
    Like many that originally considered that it wouldn’t work, because of the fierce exchange of words between the two camps, a joint ticket sounded out of the question. But then my opinion don’t matter. It don’t matter because it is not my call, it is the call of the Obama Camp and Barak Obama.
    On reflection it will be good to heal the party. It will demonstrate that in primary elections , individuals may have different opinions but still have the grace to unite around a common purpose for the good of the people. In Election 2008 the Democratic Party people have spoken in the primaries by voting in their millions that they have a high opinion of both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama .
    Is a joint ticket a U-turn to rhetoric that would prefer the Obama Camp administration totally independent of the Clinton Camp and the Clinton Camp totally independent of the Obama Camp?Yes! An emphatic yes! Why? Because both Camps have excellent election and administration teams and best of all they belong to the same party. It will be good synergy for the party for the Obama Camp and the Clinton Camp to progress to the next level.
    The media has been kind to both candidates . That is the maturity of American politics. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech,transparency and accountability.
    Together Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton with John Edwards will make a formidable team. It is common knowledge that convention states that the winning candidate gets to choose his running mate. Public opinion and street wise talk on the streets suggests that it will be gracious for Barak to choose Hillary as a running mate.
    In the past at the height of the primaries some negative press reports suggested that a joint ticket was not a good idea. I am guilty of thinking that it was not a good idea. But I would like to go on record for whatever it is worth and say that I salute Hillary Clinton for her tenacity, her courage,her patriotism, her great zeal and love for America, her love and commitment to Israel and her dedication to the high call of duty. Hillary as VP will bring a wealth of experience and advice for the Obama Administration.
    To date Hillary’s has not publicly conceded. No one knows what is actually being said by both party camp loyals about the future direction of the party behind closed doors and what is being whispered by party camp die hards around coffee tables in restaurants , hastily convened crisis meetings etc. Just kidding!
    Word on the street is that the party has to have a united front. To do this it may be recommended by persons close to Barak Obama that since Hillary’s name has been put forward for the VP slot it is respectfully suggested that he appoint her as his VP running mate and have John Edwards as Secretary of State.
    The final decision will be up to Barak Obama who has the interests of uniting and healing the wounds of division of the Democratic party. That is an urgent priority and the “…urgent need of now..” and the “…fierce urgency of the hour…”.
    It is hoped that this contentious hurdle of appointments of Hillary and John Edwards can unite and galvanize the party to be a political force to reckon worth.
    No one doubts the patriotism , maturity and graciousness of Barak , Hillary and John who have the Democratic Party interest at heart and will do whatever it takes to unite the party around a common purpose with a view of November 2008 . Errol Smythe.

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