What’s Up With Bloomberg and Obama?

The first time tongues were a-waggin’ about a possible Bloomberg endorsement for Obama was back in November when the two had a much publicized breakfast meeting.  At the time there were still rumors that Bloomberg would launch his own presidential run with Chuck Hagel on the short list as a running mate.

This stir was caused by the one-time Democrat turned Republican announcing that he was also leaving the Republican party to become an independent.  His announcement was littered with hints of presidential aspirations.

None of these rumors bore any fruit, though, and the newly independent Mike Bloomberg remained on the fringe of national political awareness.

Surprisingly, though, Bloomberg has announced that he will be introducing Obama for his economic speech he plans on delivering today at Cooper Union in Manhatten.  The locale itself is enough to cause suspicion given that New York’s primary has long faded from the rear-view and Obama has an immense uphill struggle on his plate with Pennsylvania.

This leaves the question; is Bloomberg going to endorse, or does he simply like getting the political media twisted up in knots over trying to figure out what he’s playing at?

Answer; unknown.

But the New York Post does give us a little insight into what he’s looking for regarding who he will endorse, should he do so:

In considering a possible endorsement, the mayor has said he is looking for the person who does not work along party lines, addresses the intricacies of issues, and has thought ahead to the legislative process and how to finance specific programs.

He said he wants to see them “coming up with things that make some sense to me.”

That is a description that could very well fit Obama.  While no endorsement has stood out as being a game breaker, and it would be naive at best to assume that Bloomberg would be the endorsement to change the rules, plucking a high profile figure from Clinton’s backyard is hardly anything to sneeze at.

3 Responses to “What’s Up With Bloomberg and Obama?”

  1. terry says:

    It’s now moved from endorsement speculation to VP speculation:
    Obama: Bloomberg Is “Extraordinary”

  2. That was my guess when I heard he was introducing him.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    The media is trying to distract the voters from the issues that really matter. The last time that occurred we got George W. Bush and a trillion dollar war. If you want to stand up for the issues that matter sign this petition (http://go.care2.com/14529998) and tell the media and the world, “We won’t be distracted. Not this time!”

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