Why Shouldn’t He?

While the Clintons have been back and forth sending ears a-buzzing about the so-called “Dream Ticket”, Senator Obama has caught a few headlines himself by forcibly rejecting the idea.  Indeed, the term that Ben Smith uses is “scorn”.

And why shouldn’t Obama scorn the idea?

Let’s not let there be double standards when we approach this.  No matter what Hillary Clinton does, from throwing the kitchen sink to embracing wingnut talk show hosts and the GOP, her supporters indicate that this is because she’s a “fighter”.  That she won’t be knocked down so easily.

Indeed, there seems to be some more of that “fighter” spirit about the Clintons when they go on to talk about how maybe Clinton/Obama might actually happen than meets the eye.  The implication, as Smith points out, is that for those people who want to see both on the ticket, the best way to get that is to vote for Clinton as Clinton is more likely to pick Obama than the other way around.

It’s a “hoodwink”, Obama says, and indeed, that may very well be what this is, an opportunity to trick indecisives to vote for Clinton on the premise that doing so is really just a vote for both of them.  Anyone who has voted, though, knows that you don’t vote for the winner and the runner up, and there’s absolutely zero obligation for Clinton to pick Obama come convention time.

And, as should also be pointed out, Hillary Clinton is hardly in a position to offer Obama the running mate slot.  Given that Obama has the lead in the popular vote and pledged delegates while all Hillary has is a slim lead in Super Delegates and a little momentum, Obama is far better poised to be offering Clinton the number two spot.

There is one other problem here as Marc Ambinder points out.  If the Clintons are truly so eager to make Obama their running mate, that kind of discredits all the criticism that Hillary has heaped upon Obama recently about him not being ready.

Indeed, it was Bill Clinton himself who had once said that the only real criteria for picking a running mate was someone who was ready to do the job at the drop of the hat.

So which is it?  Is he ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, or is he simply not ready at all?  You can’t have it both ways.

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