$1.00 Gas

Man, I feel old.  I have crossed that threshold where I can look at the price of commodities today, and compare them to what they used to cost when I was a kid, and get all kinds of depressed.  For my dad, he used to reflect on how five dollars would get him a carton of smokes and a trip to the movie.

For me it’s remembering what a gas price sign looks like where the first digit was a one.

When I bought my car, I remember talking to the salesman at the gas pump (first tank of gas was on them), and I remember shuddering with glee as the final total came out to only about twenty-five dollars.  At the time I was used to dropping forty bucks to not even fill the gas tank on the behemoth pick up I used to drive.

I remember the guy looking at the gas prices at the time, which were about $2.70, and saying, “Yeah man, and pretty soon prices are going to go down, and you’re going to be able to fill this tank for ridiculous cheap, man.”

Oh boy was he ever wrong; I just filled my tank a couple days ago, and now its creeping up to the forty dollar mark I was decidedly happy to get away from.

Of course, I don’t have it worse.  As CNN reports, gas prices are reaching four bucks a gallon nationwide, and as a result, there are folks out there dropping a hundred dollars just to fill up their ride.

Dwell on that for just half a moment.  Hundred dollar fill up.

Of course our president is in on that, right?  He’s well informed and has a game plan, yes?  Um, no.  As Space Cowboy over at Shakes points out, our fearless leader didn’t even know.  That’s just great.

Never fear, fearless leader wannabe, John McCain, has a plan!  Yes, his plan involves giving the oil companies a tax break over the summer which would likely result in gas prices staying where they are while oil companies simply pick up more profit.  Awesome.

Actually, given that we’re looking down the barrel of a presidential election it’s more likely that the oil companies would pass on the savings to the customer, albeit grudgingly, just to help McCain into the White House.

All of a sudden gas prices will go back up, the oil companies will splutter something about supply and demand and something about being at capacity and blah blah blah, and McCain will conveniently fail to look into it.

Not that I’m into conspiracy theories or anything.  I’m just saying.

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  1. tas says:

    When I was working in Boston and commuting there from Rhode Island a decade ago, gas was 99 cents a gallon. I remember everyone getting pissed when it went upto $1.40 in early 2001… Wow, that’s like a friggen dream now.

    Now that the weather has warmed up, I’m riding my bike more, even if it’s just to the bus stop to take public transit. Put about 100 miles on my car in the past week and a half, and I’m just fine with that.

  2. Yeah, I can’t get away with that. My little corner of Virginia is not particularly friendly to alternative methods of transportation. We have an HOV lane… that’s open a couple hours a day… in one direction only.

    It’s awesome!

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