A Difficult Question

We here at Comments from Left Field take pride in our support for the troops, and have teamed up with Fisher House on a couple of occasions to help out those wounded soldiers who come back from abroad.

The latest effort was during our In Honor fund drive in the fall of last year.  Partnering up with bloggers throughout the blogosphere, regardless of their political affiliation and ideology, we helped honor the memories of SGT. Yance T. Gray, and SGT. Omar Mora.  The drive was such a success that we decided to turn it into an annual event, but I need your help.

It’s still five months away, but what I have to ask is not going to be easy.  In fact I’ve been wrestling for weeks now about how to ask it.  What I wanted to do this year is honor the memories of new soldiers, I wanted people to share stories of people they have loved and lost in Iraq or Afghanistan.

So, with the deepest amount of respect, I am openly asking if there is anyone out there who has lost a friend, comrade, or family member to the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan if they would like to share their story with us?  We would like to honor them this September, and hopefully let their memories of dedicated service honor and help their fellow soldiers who are still with us, but in need of the kind of support only a family member could supply.

Over the next few months I will continue to put this out there, but if you would like to share your story you could either email me, or leave a quick note in the comments section of this post and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.

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