A Quick Note On Commenting

I’ve mentioned this before at least once but I’m going to repeat myself for clarity. If you ever intend on posting a comment here at CFLF, please read below the fold.

First, understand that commenting is a privilege. There are plenty of blogs out there that don’t allow comments or, if commenting is allowed, moderate them much more severely than we do.

We encourage debate, discussion, and we love hearing from you guys, even those of you with whom we may disagree from time to time. We’ve gotten great tips from comments, new ideas, and even new writers and colleagues.

But we also get a lot of junk.

We intentionally don’t have a strict commenting policy essentially to allow the broadest amount of expression possible. We may not respond to your comment, or we may disagree with you vehemently in the discussion, but the point is, we want your voices to be heard.

So we don’t have rules, but there are some things that should go without saying. Spamming, of course, is a no-go. Selling sex toys or promoting sex sites doesn’t fly here. Neither does reproducing propaganda in full such as copy & pasting mailers or fly-by spam in the comments section. If you truly want to make an argument for your candidate that we may not agree with digest the mailer. Know what it says to the extent that you can come here and come up with your own argument. Don’t turn this site into a target for your candidate’s or cause’s whisper campaign. It. Will. Not. Fly.

But the one thing that is easily the least tolerated here is hate speech. This includes (but is not limited to) hate speech directed towards race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. I absolutely won’t put up with it.

And I won’t be nice about it.

The text of your comment will be deleted, as will be the url if you provide one. I won’t give your hate filled website more traffic. Also, your email address, which you must provide in order to comment, will be what I use to replace the original text of your comment, along with a little statement on what a nice little racist/sexist/bigot you are. This is your warning.

No exceptions. None.

If I deem your comment to be bad enough, I will take further steps that I hope will be even more unpleasant.

If I feel your comment crosses into the illegal (threats of violence, etc) I won’t hesitate to contact your ISP and the proper authorities about the matter. What they choose to do from there is up to them, but don’t be surprised if it results in a loss of your internet subscription and possibly a visit from the local authorities.

Thank you for your time.

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