A Simple Question

We’ve heard the question over and over again; why can’t Obama deliver the knock out blow to Hillary?

The answer to that is pretty obvious; after almost seven weeks of negative press now, and a state primary that was virtually tailor made for Clinton, there should be no wonder at all that Obama hasn’t had the right conditions to “put her away.”

The question I don’t hear a whole lot of people is the opposing question. After nearly seven full weeks of bad press for Obama, where the only news item that really hit that hurt Hillary was the Bosnia story, and after winning the first primary contest in six weeks, why can’t Hillary put Obama away?

In fact, she can barely keep up. The best she seems capable of doing is clinging to a statistical tie in the GDT.

Now, this may appear to be bragging, but since electability has become, yet again, a prevalent issue in this campaign, such inability to turn Obama’s misfortune into her gain goes straight to the heart of the question of how she would perform against John McCain.

Simply put, she is proving inadequate against a candidate who is taking hits left and right from the media, from opponents in the GOP, and from opponents within his own party. Does anyone think that she’s going to perform any better against a candidate who has a unified party behind him and also enjoys the adoration of a starry eyed political press?

I just don’t see it.

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