And The Sick Continues

I’m going to be totally honest; it’s been a very difficult thing for me to continue blogging lately.

I find myself once again in a place where blogging does not carry with it the allures it often does for me. And, for the most part, this would be why. I get home from work, and it’s Jeremiah Wright, I go to bed, I get up, and it’s Jeremiah Wright.

I’m getting to the point where, Holy Crap, Jeremiah Wright might not win the election this fall!


Wait a minute.

He’s not running for anything.

That’s right, it’s Barack Obama who is running for President, and this, of all the stupid horse shit things that could come up, this looks as though it could take him down. That’s just great. That’s where the sick comes from.

I’ve lost my faith. Strangely enough, I haven’t lost my faith in the idea that Obama, of the three candidates in the field at this point, would easily serve as the best President of the United States. Just as I don’t blame Jeremiah Wright for his views, I don’t blame Obama for his relationship with the man. Nor do I think that because Obama has a relationship with Wright he’s all of a sudden going to turn out to be a disastrous president.

So my faith there still holds. Where I’ve lost my faith seems to be everywhere else. It’s in the media that has chosen to pit bull this story and pretty much ignore just about everything else in the campaign and out of it. I’ve lost faith in the blogosphere, particularly the liberal blogosphere that is failing to do exactly what it proclaims it is supposed to do. That is, when the shit hits the fan, we’re supposed to fight back.

But on Wright, Obama supporters are rolling over, and Clinton supporters are digging in. They’re lovin’ it.

So I’m beginning to lose faith that Obama can win. I haven’t lost complete and total faith, mind you, there have been plenty of times in the past that Obama was supposed to be sunk when he’s pulled it around and proven he can hang. But this seems to go beyond that. This seems to be essentially that everyone has decided to just pound the guy into the ground, whether he fights back or not.

Watching the firestorm on this topic has been like watching a twelve car pile up on a set of train tracks and then watching a hundred car train plow into the first wreck.

Which means that I’ve lost faith in this election as well. Right now, for me, the election is between three candidates. One that I honestly believe in, but who has seemingly fatal baggage. One that I am largely ambivalent towards, but whose policies I think would be absolutely catastrophic to the country. And one that I absolutely hate, but whose policies would at least be better than the second.

Oh, and let’s not make any mistakes here folks. For all the magnanimity I have tried to show as of late, I’ll not try to hide any longer the fact that I absolutely detest Hillary Clinton. The only possible thing that would get me to vote for her is the desire to keep McCain’s continuation of Bush’s policies out of the White House.

Which is what is so sad about this election; after coming this close to having the opportunity to vote FOR something, it is looking as though there is too much possibility that it will be the same old song of voting for the lesser of two evils.

I take little solace in at least one fact. McCain vs. Clinton and whomever wins will undoubtedly be good for business. At least for me. Good blogging, at least for me anyway, largely comes from discontent. Basically, having something to bitch about.

At least under a McCain or Clinton administration, I know I’ll have no shortage of things to write about.

(edited by DrGail)

8 Responses to “And The Sick Continues”

  1. AllenS says:

    I’m sorry about the way you feel, but I guess you could quote a great orator at this point: “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

  2. Don’t worry, Bro… there will be plenty to blog about – whomsoever wins ;o)
    …and don’t give up… take a break and regroup. We all need that once in a while.

    I know – I’ve been where you are. You’re one of the best out here.

  3. I hear you loud and clear. I have been feeling the exact same way. Too be honest, Obama’s refusal to take a firm stand, whether it be against the media, Clinton, McCain, Wright, anyone is not very heartening either.

  4. Craig says:

    Welcome to the reality of politics. Obama hasn’t been unfairly “pounded into the ground” by “everybody”. He has just been getting some of the critical focus by the media that every other high-profile politician gets sooner or later. Like it or not, its the way of the world. He has made Wright a central figure in his life and a key mentor for his guiding principals, by his own prior admissions. But now, some of the ignorance, vanity and ugliness within Wright is getting reflected onto Obama. Is it entirely fair? No, but the concern over the connection isn’t without some validity.

    Frankly, if a republican opponent had a admitted, greatly-influential, life mentor that was unrepentently spewing some heinous ideas and beliefs, I have no doubt that much of the liberal blogosphere would be gleeful in its attacks and directly connecting the two people as one. It’s the “hooray for our side” mentality that has utterly destroyed any credibility that the political blogospehere may have had. Right and Left partisans included.

    Obama, like many other politicians, can overcome this, with the right response and focus, going forward. Wright’s ugliness will mainly be used as an excuse to not vote for Obama by those who already are suspicious of him. Those who support him or are leaning towards him will not be seriously swayed. So your “woe is me” attitude is a little thin-skinned for the political world.

  5. Angellight says:

    Let’s get it clear — Barack is fighting a two-headed Giant! The Republican-controlled media and the Clintons, and they do not fight fair! The people must join this fight!

    Is the Republican-owned Media trying to Sabotage Barack Obama’s campaign? Why else would they give a “retired” Rev. Wright all that Air time by blocking out all three Cable News Channels to air Rev. Wright’s 45 minute speech at the National Press Club, LIKE HE IS THE PRESIDENT OR SOMEONE, something they do not even do for the Candidates themselves, John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, block out 45 minutes of air time to air their stump speeches!

    Are Repbublicans trying to help Hillary win the Democratic nominee? Are they hoping to win the White House with the help of African-Americans turned off by the Clintons’ “kitchen sink-strategy” directed at Barack Obama? Is that why McCain is so actively wooing them? These things have to be considered?

    Let’s be clear, the only Ones who have made Race an Issue in this campaign are the Clintons and the Republican-controlled media — as from the start, Barack Obama has tried to transcend Race, but they will not let him as it would be to their disadvantage… They do not want a candidate who inspires hope, unity and change so they, and the Clintons — the two-headed Giant –are trying to bring Obama down anyway they can! The Republicans for their own reason (they don’t want change) and the Clintons for theirs (they want the nomination)! Either way it is a mighty battle and if they get their way, the People Lose!

  6. Bostondreams says:

    Ask and ye shall receive. I thought Obama did a fine job dealing with Wright in his presser today!

  7. DrGail says:

    I agree. I guess we can’t be surprised by the fact that CNN is replaying incessantly the most scandalous of Wright’s comments “just to provide context” for Obama’s presser. Riiiiight!

  8. Well, Craig… I haven’t really heard anything about McCain & Hagee in the corporate news.
    Not to the degree that they’ve grilled Obama. Wright is and always has been a manufactured non-issue. It’s no wonder people get disgusted. “Critical focus” you say – that’s bull – and you know it.

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