Because “Bring It On!” Was Already Taken

Honestly, with the people who run this country, I am really surprised we’re not in more wars, and more people don’t hate our guts.

Condi Rice, ladies and gentleman, the woman who would not be Vice President, then would be, then wouldn’t be again. Yes, she has faced a little indecision on what her future job may look like, but let’s not forget what her current job is; Secretary of State.

It’s a job that I’ve sometimes heard refered to as the “chief diplomat,” or “top diplomat.” Indeed, it is a position that one would think required great tact and prudence. But not our Dr. Rice, no thank you. Our chief diplomat used her great tact to call Muqtada al Sadr a coward:

“I know he’s sitting in Iran,” Rice said dismissively, when asked about al-Sadr’s latest threat to lift a self-imposed cease-fire with government and U.S. forces. “I guess it’s all-out war for anybody but him,” Rice said. “I guess that’s the message; his followers can go to their deaths and he’s in Iran.”

Uh-huh… because, you know, Condi’s a picture of courage and derring-do herself.

I suppose I could sort of see what she might possibly be attempting to accomplish; maybe, just maybe, she was trying to cause some doubt amongst Sadr’s followers in the Jaish al Mahdi, but there are a couple of issues that might make such a tactic not all that effective.

For one, as Pale Rider points out (and from whom the title of this post was sort of inspired), the bond between Muqtada and the members of the Mahdi army is a largely religious and dedicated one. Say what you will about Muqtada, but it’s not likely that they’re going to abandon him because he’s leading them to their deaths. They’re probably okay with that. In fact, that kinda brings me to my other point, that those threats of defection from the Mahdi army that did exist weren’t because Sadr was too violent for his people, but because there was grumblings that he wasn’t being tough enough on American forces and Maliki’s government.

There were some that weren’t exactly pleased with the cease fire.

Not that I’m here singing praises to Muqtada al Sadr. Never that. I’m just saying that, here’s a guy who has an army, right? It’s pretty decent, and apparently some of the Iraqi forces are keen to join in. Meanwhile, Muqtada al Sadr has managed to help keep the violence down through his cease fire, and has telegraphed that he’s willing to play his power games in the realm of politics as opposed to open warfare.

Still, he’s also kept his army at the ready, and has warned that if operations against his people aren’t halted, he will lift all cease fires and declare open war.

So, I’m not saying we have to suck up to Muqtada, but maybe, just maybe, we might want to be a little careful about insulting him, yes? Unless of course actual stabilization and peace in Iraq really aren’t the goals, in which case, by all means, go ahead.

2 Responses to “Because “Bring It On!” Was Already Taken”

  1. --Blue Girl says:

    They are cool with him leading them to their deaths. I started pointing and yelling about a year ago that not only is he wearing a funeral shroud every time his picture is snapped, his followers have taken to wearing them during street demonstrations and the like. Not a good sign.

  2. No… Not a good sign.

    Sage advice of the day: Don’t threaten someone who isn’t afraid to die with death.

    Totally off topic, is there another Blue Girl Red State running around? I ask because I saw something caught my eye.


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