Bill Clinton; Go The F*ck Home, (Part III)

If Mark Penn was the poison that killed Hillary’s presidential aspirations, Bill Clinton may very well have been the needle.

It’s been a while since the Bosnia story has come and gone. While many remain unsatisfied as to its inclusion, for the most part polling indicates that that storm has come and passed and Hillary weathered it with minimal damage.

You take the hit and you move on.

To be honest, I don’t think Hillary could have handled the thing much better than she had. While some might say she should have just said, “Look, I tried to be cooler than I really was, I’m sorry, I’ll be honest from now on,” or something to that effect, the problem with Bosnia is that there really wasn’t any good way out, easy or hard.

That’s what sucks about self aggrandizing non-truths.

So she claimed she misspoke, stirred up the Jeremiah Wright pot a little bitty bit, and took shelter while she waited for the storm to move on. Not the most gracious way of handling it, but I recognize there were few other paths she could have taken and actually remained in the race.

As I’ve said, polling seems to indicate that it’s gone. She may have lost a couple of points permanently, but for the most part that storm has been weathered.

So why, why, why on this beautiful green and blue planet would her husband decide to bring the whole thing up again? Seriously? Why do it? And then, why try to interject a different version of the whole sordid tale other than the one we just watched play out?

This isn’t just the matter of beating a dead horse, mind you, it’s worse than that. The reason why is because now a whole bunch of people are going to dig into Bill Clinton’s version of the story, and find fault with it. In fact, you really don’t have to do a whole lot of digging as ABC’s Political Radar blog debunks some of what Bill says as they report the story:

Sen. Clinton did not apologize, like Mr. Clinton asserted, she simply indicated that she mispoke when describing the Bosnia incident.

While the former president may have been amused by the whole incident, his telling of the course of events wasn’t quite accurate. Hillary Clinton actually made the comments numerous times, including at an event in Iowa on Dec. 29, amd an event on Feb. 29 and one time — bright and early in the morning — on March 17.

Sen. Clinton wasn’t as quick with her apology as President Clinton may remember either. In fact, it took a week for her to eventually correct herself, first talking to the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board on March 24 and again apologizing the next day in Greensboro, N.C.

John Aravosis has a pretty detailed account.

I believe Mrs. Clinton would have been better served if this whole situation would have stayed in the past, and Bill Clinton had stayed off the trail.

(edited by DrGail)

3 Responses to “Bill Clinton; Go The F*ck Home, (Part III)”

  1. Dynamic says:

    Is the overnight schedule looking to be pretty standard for the near future?

    I’m a night owl so I’m a fan, I wish I’d known to check here all night instead of waiting til the AM. 😆

  2. DrGail says:

    I tend to turn a deaf ear to all the rants about how misogyny is the reason Hillary doesn’t have broader support. I’ve been a gender trailblazer at times, but not all opposition you encounter is due to gender issues — sometimes, people just don’t like you.

    However, Bill is another story. Without getting snarky (but, I warn you, I AM getting psychological here), there has to be a certain amount of misogyny in a guy who marries a very bright and accomplished woman, then cats around on her with floozies of all sorts. I’ve viewed most of his “blunders” on her campaign trail through a lens of wondering if he is unconsciously (or, as we said when we were kids, “accidentally on purpose”) sabotaging her campaign. Bob Dole did it to Liddy, and I fully expected Bill to do it to Hillary.

    I think that’s what we’re seeing here.

  3. Dynamic. Yeah man, this is going to be the standard at least until further notice.

    My hours used to be 2pm to 10pm, which afforded me a typical day blogging schedule. But then my hours shifted to 4 to midnight, which means tha I wasn’t getting home until one or one thirty in the morning, squeezing in a couple hours of sleep, then getting up at seven thirty to see my kids off to school. And that’s when my blogging day began.

    But it just didn’t work, there wasn’t enough sleep in it for me, and I was being an ass to my family, and it took me two or three hours to actually wake up tot he point of being worth half a damn in blogging.

    So, because my boss is on vacation, my schedule is now 6pm to 2am, and I’m hoping it stays that way because what I’ve been doing is staying up when I get home, blogging until my daughters wake up, then I help them get off to school, and I typically collapse and actually manage to get a pretty nice and nromal stretch of sleep. Can’t hate that.

    So I think this is a temporary schedule, but I”m going to try and do whatever I can to stay on it or on something similar

    DrGail: you know, the whole Bill sabotaging his wife’s campaign has been out there for a while. I still don’t really know and hacven’t made up my mind on it. At one point you think to yourself that maybe he’s just more clumsy politically than we all thought, but then you know, you think, this guy was a two term president. People recognize him as being one of the most gifted politicians of our time.

    ah well


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