And he laughed.

Apparently I’m not the only one that wasn’t particularly thrilled with the way that Stephy and Charlie Gibson chose to turn what was supposed to be a debate into a two hour political tabloid-like beat down. The crowd that was there live was booing the moderators just as they went into the last commercial break of the event.

And Gibson laughed.

As the Huffington Post further chronicles, ABC’s blowback didn’t end with the heckling of its moderators. No, its website was apparently deluged with messages from angry viewers disgusted with the fact that ABC’s moderators chose to spend over half of the debate digging at controversies instead of discussing the issues.

But I think the laugh is what truly angers me. Why?

Because it’s simply not funny. It’s not funny that an outlet for the Mainstream Media has decided to insult our intelligence, nor do I find it particularly humorous that ABC has taken it upon itself to define tabloid journalistic standards for measuring a prospective president.

It’s not funny because this is so much more important than gotcha politics and gotcha journalism.

But of course Gibson and Stephy can laugh, because when McCain is president a year from now, they’re not likely to be affected. They’re in that top few percentage points that won’t likely have to continue weathering the economic storm that began with Bush and will likely continue under McCain’s Bush-like approach to the economy, and somehow, I don’t imagine either of their daughters will go off to fight in our new war with Iran.

So for them, they might be in a position to laugh. For the rest of us though… I just don’t get the joke.

–Edited by Kathy

6 Responses to “Blowback”

  1. I agree, Kyle. I had such high expectations about it – and when it was over I was cursing. Pity too – it could have been a great debate but instead the moderators turned it into an non-event that wasn’t even comparable to he said, she said Junior HS Debate Club exercise from the school paper. I think E! moderators would have done a better job.


  2. I doubt Obama or Clinton’s children will ever serve in our Armed Forces either.

    But it’s definitely not a talking point you can use against Sen. McCain, whose son’s are fighting for our freedom and safety (whether or not you believe that’s what they are fighting for).

  3. PSoTD says:

    Gibson’s harping on people earning a quarter million dollars per year as “middle class” is what I’ll take out of this. It’s pretty clear where his vantage point is, and the fact that HE can berate candidates for being hard on the middle class is beyond irony. Charlie Gibson is the pus of journalism – indicative of the infection, but hardly the source.

  4. RD: Yeah, I was simply flabbergasted, I mean, there are debates where the moderators will do like a single round of questions that deal with controversy, and you get it done and over with and you move on. this was terrible.

    RC: Who’s using talking points?

    P:Agreed, it’s this whole out of touch business, and Gibson helped feed the rightwing meme that any tax increase at all is a tax increase on the middle class. Well, yeah, if you’re going to define middle class as make a quarter of a mill.


  5. DM Metzger says:

    If that’s Gibson’s definition of the middle class all I’ve got to say is: “I want in”.

  6. Apparently the Washington Post agrees. This piece ran on C1

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