California schools asking parents for money to continue running

In John McCain’s world, the economic problems this country is facing are all psychological. So can somebody please book him to speak with the parents of South Orange County about their psychological problems?

South Orange County families are being urged to donate $400 per student to save the jobs of 266 teachers in the Capistrano Unified School District. […]

“Public education is free, but an excellent public education is not free at this point,” said Janet Berry, president of the Davis Schools Foundation, which recently launched the Dollar-a-Day campaign, urging citizens of the city near Sacramento to donate $365 per child, grandchild or student acquaintance.

And let’s see just how Republican administrations deal with these problems!

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget would cut about $4.8 billion in education funding this year and next. As a result, potential layoff notices have been issued to 20,000 teachers, librarians, nurses and others.

Ah yes. Education… (you know it’s coming)… TERMINATED!

But it’s all in your heads, right? There’s certainly no problems with the richest country in the world can’t find a way to publicly fund basic education. Just move along, folks, McCain doesn’t want you to see anything here.

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