Charlie Gibson’s Sock Puppetry

The gang over at TPM has been doing great leg work on tracking down the genesis of the lapel pin question asked at the Democratic Debate by regular person, Nash McCabe. TPM raised suspicions that ABC hunted her down after she was quoted in The Times on the same subject. McClatchy has now confirmed TPM’s suspicions … the question and questioner were hunted down and planted by ABC. I suspect ABC did the same thing with the regular person question to Hillary on Bosnia.

TPM reader JA points that the folks at ABC pulled this stunt because even they recognized
it was not the kind of question they wanted coming out of the mouth of their moderators, not even Charlie “Two Hundy” Gibson. So, instead, they used manipulation to put out questions for TV optics which were misleadingly portrayed as representing the major concerns of the voting public.

The whole tactic reeks of dishonesty, manipulation and a general lack of ethics. ABC has sunk to the level of tabloid journalism. I wonder if they passed Russert, Matthews and Couric on their way down.

(edited by DrGail)

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