Cheney Gave the OK on Basra?

The Basra offensive, touted by many Iraq War cheerleaders, was supposed to be a shining moment in our occupation in Iraq. It was supposed to be the moment where the Iraqi government could prove that it operated independently of the US, and could take care of matters on its own.

As we would learn, at least half of that turned out to not be exactly true. Muqtada al Sadr’s Jaish al Mahdi managed to hold their own, and Sadr came out of the offensive looking as though he had both military might and political credibility at his disposal.

But still, I suppose a slim case might be made that at least Maliki is showing some true grit in taking the fight to the Mahdi army, regardless of how successful or unsuccessful he may have been. This was on his own.

Or was it?

While I’m not thoroughly convinced yet, and Matthew Palevsky is not providing a hefty burden of proof, there does seem to be some indication that it was not Maliki who called the shots on Basra, but instead our very own Dick Cheney.

This coming from the suspicions of one ex-CIA man, Ray McGovern.

Now, there has been little good to be spun from the Basra offensive as we know it now, but if this should prove to be true, even those silver linings the most ardent supporters of the Iraq war have been holding onto would simply slip away.

(edited by DrGail)

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