Cindy McCain’s Farfallegate Moment

First off let’s get this out of the way. The fact that John McCain’s wife (or a staffer writing in her name) seems to have blatantly ripped off a couple recipes from the Food Network and listed them each at the McCain website as a “McCain Family Recipe” doesn’t really matter to the campaign.

Maybe Cindy honestly just loves the food network, maybe she can’t cook, who knows? I do know one thing though from my experiences both in the kitchen and as an amateur cookbook writer: what she did is an absolute no go. Copying a list of ingredients? That’s fine. You can’t, in fact, even copyright it. Lifting the entire recipe though? Plagiarism, plain and simple. Anyone who respects the kitchen, or chefs in general, would have the decency to know better than to copy another chef’s work as their own.

Nothing will come of this story. It (rightly) won’t have any bearing on the campaign. It is, however, pretty damn funny and worth sharing.

And, on the recommendation of the TPM Election Central, here’s a recipe Cindy might want to add to the list: Famous Kentucky Crow.

I say we all whip up a batch and send it their way. Who’s with me?

One Response to “Cindy McCain’s Farfallegate Moment”

  1. Macswain says:

    I doubt Cindy McCain has touched a spatula for decades.

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