Clinton Office Burns Down

Last night just after midnight Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Terra Haute, Indiana burned down. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Not to make light of this terrible event, but anyone want to place bets on when the “Lieberman Server” style talk of campaign sabotage starts?

Also, anyone else find it humorous that memeorandum nested the stories about Obama saying he’d have fired Penn below this one?

3 Responses to “Clinton Office Burns Down”

  1. tas says:

    Personally, I think the ghost of Eugene Debs torched it.

  2. x-steelworker says:

    Hmm- talk about a headquartes burned down- another ploy not to discuss

    Clinton’s NAFTA, Clinton’s Bosnia, Clinton’s finances from foreign interests, Clinton’s
    bank rolls from foreign interests, snipers, chelsea working to move jobs overseas, penn’s roll in nafta, canadian money clinton represents,

    Your right lets talk about the fire instead!!

    It’s another conspiracy against – THE CLINTONS!!!

  3. X,

    You’ll find that we are quite critical of the Clintons here, trust me. On the other hand, we have to realize that we have reached a point where being overly critical serves no real purpose.

    Obama will win the Democratic nomination, and becoming too charged against the Clintons carries with it a significant risk of losing her support for the General Election.

    So I hear you, trust me, I really do. But Dustin was just making light out of a fun situation.

    Relax man. Just relax.

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