Count ’em

And the steady flow of Super Delegates over to Barack Obama’s corner continues.

Today marks two more Super Delegates who have elected to endorse Obama’s bid for the Democratic nomination. At this point it’s worth mentioning that I’m not even looking at these endorsements in terms of swaying voters, but instead as a measure of who is picking up Super Delegates and who isn’t.

Further, what is becoming an almost nonstop string of Super Delegate endorsements may very well be an indication of what is to come.

As far as swaying voters is concerned, the endorsement of Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal is not much of an issue at all. Freudenthal’s state has already held its primary and went for Obama. But it’s definitely worth mentioning because, first, he’s a Super Delegate, and second, he’s yet another one time Clinton Administration appointee that might find himself categorized by James Carville as a “Judas.”

The second major endorsement comes in the form of former 9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton. Not only does Hamilton help boost Obama as far as Super Delegates are concerned, but his position on the 9/11 Commission should also help bolster Obama’s foreign policy/National Security credentials.

Of course, the other thing to take into consideration regarding these endorsements is the fact that they are going to amplify the effect of so many Super Delegate endorsements happening one right after the other.

What we are seeing, I believe, is something of a chain reaction that will continue to stack the odds up even higher against Mrs. Clinton who will soon most likely have to move the goal posts again in order to remain viable.

(editorial blessing from DrGail)

2 Responses to “Count ’em”

  1. Chief says:

    Unless Obama were to die, he will get the nomination. She needs, what, 70% of the remaing delegates that the voters pick. No way that can happen. She will not get even 50%. I wish that the MSM besides Olberman would say it. MSM just wants people to keep tuning in by saying Clinton has a chance.

  2. You know, for the longest time, I thought that was the case, but at around the same time there was something of narrative shift in the media, I had heard one network exec say something like, “Make money? Are you kidding? We have to put more reporters on the ground, and expend more resources, and we’re not making that money back.”

    Who knows? Maybe they thought this was going to be a cash cow, and it’s not. I really don’t know, but the media has a benchmark to deal with too now. It’s all going to depend on how they report the Pennsylvania results. If they report them realistically or not, in other words, are they going to report that no matter what the delegate haul and MOV is that Hillary’s got “momentum”, or are they going to take the extra five minutes to explain how her chances have been altered based upon the net delegate gain?

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