Couple of Quick Housekeeping Items

I’ve just got a couple of quick things I wanted to announce, and then we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

First, our blogroll. We’ve had two members of our blogroll mistakenly think that we took them off the roll when, to my knowledge, the only blog to be removed completely has been No Quarter. It’s a reasonable mistake to make, though.

When we revamped the site, we decided to put our blogrolls in a drop down format to clean up the aesthetics, and probably to speed things up a bit. Unfortunately we really couldn’t put the Advertising Liberally roll in a drop down format, so it remained in full view.

This could lead people to think that the AdLib roll was our own roll.

So, to help fix this, the CFLF blogroll is now back in a standard format which is probably for the best as it will give some of the blogs that we enjoy on a regular basis more exposure. Big thanks to Terry and Dustin who have been teaming up behind the scenes for taking care of this so quickly.

And since we’re on blogrolls, I should mention the temporary absence of our Friday Blogroll Roll Call feature. This is due largely to the format change over, and to me getting used to my new schedule. I’m pretty much assimilated at this point, though, so I expect to be renewing our weekly featuring of other blogs this Friday, so stay tuned.

Mentioning my new schedule brings me to the final point I wanted to make. You may have noticed that I don’t get into the comments section as often as I once used to, and this is mostly as a result of the schedule that I’m on. As things stand right now, I get a few hours in the very very early morning and a few hours in the evening to write, and so those few hours I spend cranking out as much content as I can, especially given that I now sleep through the day. Because I’m catching z’s while news is being made, I try to front load the daily content before 7am which is about when I turn into a pumpkin. As a result, when I am on the blog, I’m finding I have less time to hang out in the comments sections than I used to.

I don’t know if this will ever change or if I’m pretty much doomed to not responding to comments, but I just wanted to put this out there so that no one thinks I’m ignoring them, and if I do get a spare few moments to reply I most definitely will.

That about sums it up for now. Thanks for continuing to read us here, and have a nice day.

One Response to “Couple of Quick Housekeeping Items”

  1. Bostondreams says:

    Heck man, I wish I could find the time to blog as much as you guys. As it stands now, new baby in 3 weeks, so it will get worse (or better! Hi hon!) for me.

    Thanks for all you guys do!

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