Dean To Supersdelegates: Time To Choose

In what’s likely a direct response to last night’s “debate” DNC Chair Howard Dean has now called on the remaining undecided superdelegates to make their alliegances knows.


He’s right. It’s long past time for the superdelegates to declare which candidate they plan to support. For the sake of party unity and a unified front against McCain it’s their duty as Democrats to do what’s in the best interest of the party and the party’s ideals. And at this point that means picking a candidate who can stop John McCain (or his VP) from being the one to pick the next two supreme court justices and/or start another war. The stakes are too high, this waffling BS has got to stop.

As Justin Gardner reminds us, it’s not like they can’t switch their votes if something catastrophic happens. By declaring who they plan to support at the convention the supers aren’t having their votes cast in stone, but it sure would help unify the party around one candidate.

By not declaring support the superdelegates are helping to perpetuate a system that led to yesterday’s horrendous “debate”. We’ll continue to see a media circus more interested in the horserace aspect of the campaign then anything else. We’ll continue to watch as the Clinton camp dives further negative in their attempt to destroy Obama so the supers abandon him. We can’t afford it. And all the while the media will help her along the way. Between McCain, Clinton, and a hostile media the Democratic nominee is faced with both a fratricidal democratic wing and the MSM/GOP leviathan. We can’t afford it.
The Democratic party can’t afford it and America literally can’t afford it. The risks are too high. If the supers cared at all they’d end this embarrassment once and for all.

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  1. Thanks D…
    I must have missed this earlier.
    I did a little blurb on it last night.
    You Tube has been giving me a bit of trouble.
    Problems resolved now.


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