Democratic Debate Preview

Tonight, 8pm, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will face each other head to head in what may be the most important night of the primary season.

That may sound drastic, but there really is a lot riding on this debate.

Hillary Clinton is hanging onto the last vestiges of viability for her campaign. Pennsylvania is absolutely critical to her candidacy, and realistically she must win by well over twenty points. However, she is likely to spin anything greater than a five point win as a stunning win that only validates her continued presence in the race.

Meanwhile, many Democrats are growing increasingly apprehensive of the prolonged primary battle and want it to end sooner than later. Principal to this desire is the hope that we can all unify behind a single nominee before John McCain is allowed to reap too much benefit from the chaos.

Personally, I have my own hopes that we can also heal the blogosphere before much of the damage is done. Believe it or not, I hope to welcome some blogs like Taylor Marsh and Talk Left back into the fold before they go the route of No Quarter, the denizens of which I believe should just go ahead and register themselves as Republicans.

With so much on the line, it is important to note that Hillary is in the lead, but her lead is nowhere near as strong as it should be. Still, in order for Obama to definitively sew the nomination up, he not only needs to meet considerably low expectations, he needs to make this race a nailbiter. Right now the gap between the two candidates isn’t there yet.

And with both candidates clearly looking to make a big impression and land some heavy blows, there’s definitely plenty of material out there to work with. Jeremiah Wright, and Bitter-gate, to Tuzlagate and tax returns. All things considered, there should be more than enough fireworks to keep political junkies happy, and entrenched bloggers like me on the edge of our seats with our stomachs in knots.

I have already laid out how I believe this thing is going to go down. The short version is that I believe that Hillary Clinton is too aggressive, and is going to go after Obama on his “bitter” remarks. Obama, who has been previewing his retort to such an attack, will be more than ready for her, and is likely to clean house on his counterattacks.

That will likely be the moment of the night. I want everyone to keep this one thing in mind. I’ve never been so sure of a debate scenario before, so I’m really putting it out on the line with this one.

Now, we have a lot of new readers, and some new writers working for us, so I wanted to mention live-blogging while I’m at it.

We normally try to live blog these events, but for me it’s all going to hinge upon my availability, and if I can find a live feed to stream. If the planets align themselves in my favor, I will most definitely be hosting a liveblogging event tonight.

For those of you who have never participated in a liveblogging event with us, I encourage everyone to join in. Unlike most blogs, we perform our liveblogging in the comments section of the designated post, that way anyone who wants to come and join us for the play by play not only gets our unique up to the minute lightning fast analysis, but they also get to participate and contribute as well. Even if you’re not a blogger, you get to be for the duration of the debate.

We usually have a great time during these things and just about every one that we’ve held thus far has been a great success.

So, assuming we can get the ball rolling, I hope you’ll join me and my colleagues in what promises to be one hell of a show.

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5 Responses to “Democratic Debate Preview”

  1. Dynamic says:

    The liveblogging here is terrific, fun to be a part of and also great for those occasions (like tonight) when I can’t be online to watch the debate and need a place to find out what happened.

  2. Hehe. Thank you kindly D. Hopefully we can get a good one going tonight.

    If you haven’t yet, you should read my post, “How Clinton Can Lose Pennsylvania”. I think that’s going to be what the story tomorrow morning is going to be.

  3. Dynamic says:

    I’ll read that right now.

    Here’s an article from the NYT that I think brings up an interesting point regarding the “bitter” flap that’s been all over the news lately. I think it’s worth checking out, I’m curious what your thoughts on it are.

  4. K. Will look on it when I get up in the afternoon. For now I got to spend the next forty minutes doing chores before I have to get the girls off to school and go to bed.

  5. Nancy V. says:

    The debate was depressing. Stephanopolous and Gibson kept playing “gotcha” with Sen. Obama. However, I have to admit that I thought Obama seemed kind of flat tonight. Maybe he is getting tired of the same old attacks. His responses re: Rev. Wright and the “bitterness” controversy weren’t as sharp as they could have been. Gave Hillary her opportunity to pounce, but, she is so phoney.

    Hillary, god, she is the little “teachers’ pet” of the media. A McCain vs Clinton election? I can’t imagine anything worse. An old man who isn’t too smart but is a great patriot (but does he always wear the flag in his lapel?), and the most aggressive, unlikeable female candidate since Geraldine Ferraro.

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