Did Bill Just Admit It’s Over?

With the latest Rassmussen Report showing Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton by a 23% margin in North Carolina is seems a bit strange that Bill Clinton would want to draw attention to how vital the outcome of that race is to the Clinton’s hopes of securing the nomination. But, strange though it may be, that’s precisely what former Pres. Clinton has done:

Speaking to about 4,000 at a rally at UNC Charlotte, the former president said Hillary Clinton would likely have to win the state’s May 6 primary to have any chance at winning the overall popular vote and ultimately overtaking Sen. Barack Obama as the party’s nominee.

“Every state’s vote should be counted,” Bill Clinton said. “You’re going to have an important role in this election.”

It is a role unfamiliar to many N.C. voters. In recent years, presidential candidates have been chosen by the time North Carolina has held its presidential primary. But the race between Clinton and Obama is close enough that the state is finally in play.

Clinton trails Obama in the number of pledged delegates won so far, 1,413 to 1,249. Some experts say that in order for her to win the nomination, she will need to overtake the Illinois senator’s modest lead in the popular vote. Winning the popular vote could give her the power needed to sway superdelegates.

Justin Gardner of Donklephant thinks that this speech might be Clinton’s way of saying that something big, like a major endorsement announcement, is in the works. While that’s possible there’s a more likely reason for today’s bluster: Pennsylvania.

Just like every other “firewall”, every “must win election” so far, the Clinton camp is already looking past Pennsylvania and on to what they hope are greener pastures.

Let’s face it people, this phase of the election is over. Barring an extremely unlikely Superdelegate upset Barack Obama is our next Democratic Party presidential nominee. It’s time to quit bickering amongst ourselves and quit being delusional (yes, delusional) about Clinton’s chances. It’s time to buckle down and go after the real adversary in this election: John McCain.

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