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Hillary’s “Fact” Hub website claims that, with the popular vote totals from Florida and Michigan included, Hillary has received more votes than any candidate this primary season.  Disregarding the fact that Florida and Michigan weren’t contested, so the candidates didn’t campaign there, what the “Fact” Hub neglects to mention is that Obama wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan.  That’s kind of a big ol’ fact to omit when vote totals are being discussed.  And caucus votes also don’t count, apparently — since the “Fact” Hub forgot to total those in, too. 

Let’s calculate all the votes, primary and caucuses; contested and uncontested.  Here’s my source for these numbers: 

Hillary: 15,435,193 / Obama: 15,362,297

That’s a difference of 72,796 votes, in Hillary’s favor — but if Obama were on the ballot in Michigan, I’m quite sure he could have easily erased such a deficit and put Hillary in the hole again.  

And those are the actual facts.  It’s a shame that the Hillary campaign can’t deliver such basic information without spinning it…  What do they think we are, stupid?  Like her rabid supporters? 

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  1. I have sworn off covering this primary in earnest, but here’s an interesting link to throw into the works on this post.


  2. tas says:

    In all honestly, I was trying to reserve my criticism solely to John McCain, but when the Hillary camp chooses to spout off such blatant lies I can’t keep my mouth shut. As for her campaign misrepresenting an ABC news report in the process of lying, hey, once you’ve started down the slippery slope…

    Does anyone in their right mind believe that this kind of Bushian spin will stop if she’s in the Oval Office?

  3. Oh gosh no.

    That’s why I’m just like, “Ignore it… he’s going to win North Carolina and Oregon and Montana and South Dakota…” And pretty much everything’s going to work itself out.

    At this point, and I’m guilty, I couldn’t ignore the top ten reasons why Obama isn’t electable by Lanny Davis, but at this point, the more we focus on this crap, the more validity it appears to have.

  4. Tom says:

    Hillary is just what we don’t need. Another person that doesn’t tell the truth, won’t give her viewpoints on things and acts like the honestly cares about people.

    She acted, badly, that she was very sad when she heard about the death of MLK. You watched her and not one part of it was believable.

    Who knows what she will do next to lie and try to get ahead. The Republicans don’t want Obama, they want Hillary because she won’t make McCain look as old and slow.


  1. CNN has too much time on their hands : Barack Obama 2008 | positively Barack - [...] a toss up what makes me want to bang my head against the wall more, this kind of stupidity…

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