Full Service Senator

There’s influence peddling and then there’s influence peddling.

You wanna talk about some shady land deals? Kevin Drum has one that takes the cake:

A decade ago, Diamond wanted to buy some land at a California Army base that was being closed:

When Mr. Diamond wanted to buy land at the base, Fort Ord, Mr. McCain assigned an aide who set up a meeting at the Pentagon and later stepped in again to help speed up the sale, according to people involved and a deposition Mr. Diamond gave for a related lawsuit.

….The McCain aide’s assistance with the Army helped Mr. Diamond complete a purchase in 1999 that he soon turned over for a $20 million profit.

….For the California projects, the campaign said the McCain aide arranged the introduction to an Army official for Mr. Diamond’s team as “a constituent matter.” The campaign said it had no knowledge of the aide helping to expedite the sale.

Indeed. A “constituent matter.” McCain’s pal managed to snag this prime coastal land — complete with special water rights — for $250,000 and then sell it two years later for $30 million. That’s some serious constituent service.

Jebus Crites, I wish I had a senator that was willing to provide that kind of service for me. I mean come on, if all it takes is a cocktail party or two, I’ll do it. Hell, I’ll strip down to my skivies and provide live entertainment if it will help any.

But alas, all I get is a former Secretary of the Navy who knows how to support the troops and knows when not to give authorization to the current administration to potentially make war with Iran after watching what it did in Iraq.

Whatever will I do?

I guess I’ll just have to vote for this guy to be my other senator. Maybe chip him some cash I suppose. As for McCain, well, I can’t do nothing about his senate seat, but I suppose voting for this guy come November will at least keep him away from the White House. That sounds like a decent plan.

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