Hate being channeled by Hillary’s rabid supporters is one thing.  While reprehensible, the national campaign still can’t be fingered since this invective has been spewed on websites independent of the campaign.  But when the Hillary campaign starts promoting hate directly from an author on No Quarter, that’s different — and a lot worse.

And it’s one thing to have a No Quarter author link to and promote another hateful author, but when one of their own author’s is caught calling Michelle Obama a “blowjob queen” and a skank, that’s different — and a lot worse. 

Over at Rumproast, Kevin K’s got the goods on No Quarter author Truthteller posting hated filled comments about Michelle Obama on different sites, and having one of his posts promoted by the Hillary campaign.  It’s detailed and you should read the whole thing.  And I suppose some will say that the particular post by Turthteller that the Hillary campaign linked to doesn’t have any overt hate in it, so what’s the problem?  Well, if David Duke said something mundane and I linked to it, wouldn’t — nay, shouldn’t — you have a problem with that?  Same thing here.  If the source is this hateful then it discredits everything else they’ve said.

And let’s make sure we have “hateful” clearly defined here.  Using profane language to express feelings of anger is simply that, but making misogynist comments about Obama’s wife, calling her a “blowjob queen” and a “skank” — that’s just hate, pure and simple. 

When the Hillary campaign is promoting an article from an author like this, they’ve stepped over the line.  They’ve become connected to No Quarter.  And now the campaign has something we deserve an answer for. 

2 Responses to “Hatelary”

  1. Chief says:

    I used to read Larry Johnson when Valerie Plame and her husband Amb. Wilson were in the news. I thought he reported well, what with his background and contacts.

    But, the virulent attacks by the Hillary backers are the very thing that I want to see disappear from public discourse.

    Need I say that I do not bother eith No Quarter any more? I’ve un-bookmarked the site.

  2. tas says:

    One thing that further disappoints me is that Joe Wilson will occasionally post to No Quarter, too. I think that erodes Amb. Wilson’s credibility. The whole point of why his NYT op/ed was important was that Amb. Wilson was a non-partisan observer, but that’s certainly not the case anymore.

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