Helen Thomas to the Rest of the White House Press Corps: Do Your Damn Jobs!

Helen Thomas is my new hero of the moment.  After relative media silence in the aftermath of learning that George W. Bush not only authorized the usage of torture, but actually admitted to it, Helen Thomas had enough

The full clip over at Think Progress is an absolute must watch; Helen pitbulls her question on terror, the exchange beginning as such:

THOMAS: The president has said […] we do not torture. Now he has admitted that he did sign off on torture, he did know about it. So how do you reconcile this credibility gap? […]

PERINO: The United States has not, is not torturing any detainees in the global war on terror. And General Hayden, amongst others, have spoken on Capitol Hill fully in this regard. […] And you can go back through all the public record.

But, as I said, she doesn’t leave it at that and continues to press Perino until she has to publicly deny that the US has tortured detainees.  Of course, it’s a matter of semantics; the administration likes the phrase, “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

I don’t know, this kinda looks like torture to me:


At the end of the exchange, you can hear Thomas spit in disgust, “Where is everybody for God sakes?” just as another reporter begins asking a question about Zimbabwe.

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