I See Your Wright and Raise You a Hagee

Well, North Carolina’s GOP has decided it wants absolutely nothing to do with anything that resembles an election of ideas, instead opting to run a hit ad against Obama in an attempt to stir up racist animosity.

The McCain camp appears to be none too pleased with this.

There are many possible reasons for this.  Perhaps John McCain is just a decent human being, and to be honest, for all his flaws I don’t hate John McCain, I just think he should be kept very, very far away from the Oval Office.

There’s also the possibility that he is afraid of backlash.  Indeed, while there is some racist sentiment to be reaped from ads such as this, two things that the Democratic primary have taught us is that A) Obama’s incredibly resilient, and B) character assassination attacks leveled upon him have a curious habit of exacting more punishment on his opponents than on him.

And there might be the possibility that McCain doesn’t necessarily want this to become a contest of who has a kookier minister in their corner.  After all, as Think Progress points out, John McCain is all buddy buddy with one John Hagee.

What was John Hagee’s thoughts on Hurricane Katrina?  God was punishing New Orleans because of the gays.  I wonder if that’s how New Orleanians see it.

Further, I wonder if anyone will ask McCain about this when he goes to visit.  Probably not; the media still hasn’t gotten over its big sloppy crush on the guy.

And of course, I almost forgot the most obvious motivation that could be at play here.  Classic mud slinging strategy; surrogates sling mud, candidate vehemently denounces it, gets credit for being a decent human being while getting the added benefit of having the attack ad in the field.  Well played, sir, well played.

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One Response to “I See Your Wright and Raise You a Hagee”

  1. DrGail says:

    I lived in North Carolina for many years, and the political advertising there always struck me as being particularly brutal. This coming from someone who now lives in Chicago!

    I’ll never forget one ad which was done in the format of sound bites from “random” people. One illustrious man-in-the-street sneered that the opposing candidate had even supported George McGovern’s presidential run. This, of course, meant that the candidate paying for the ad felt he would win votes by essentially reminding everyone that he was a big Nixon supporter.

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