In Which I Get My Very Own Death Threat

This is AWESOME! I wonder if I should tell my wife we have to clean up the house; the Neo-Nazis are coming to get us!

I was going to kick off the morning content today with a story about the VA and suicides, and I’m going to get to that, but first, something we hope you’ll really enjoy.

If you’ll remember, the other day we received a comment that, to say the least, crossed the line. It was my very first opportunity to show how seriously I take such comments as I posted the comment, and the author’s email.

I also sent the commenter a personal email, to let him know where he crossed the line:

> Hello,
> My name’s Kyle, executive editor at Comments from Left
> Field, a political
> website where we enjoy engaging in rigorous political
> debate.
> In the comments section to one of our articles, I
> discovered someone
> identifying himself as Bill White threatening one of our
> writers with
> putting them on a list and interning them at a
> concentration camp.
> This commentor then used expletives to describe the afore
> mentioned author.
> I wanted to generously remind you that such comments are
> not welcomed on
> our website, and your comment has been deleted. This
> email, which was
> offered up as a requirement to posting a comment on our
> site, was
> subsequently published on our main page.
> Though, you should know, all links to your website have
> been erased. We
> don’t condone increasing exposure to websites that
> promote hate-based
> ideologies.
> We do thank you for your interest in our work, but kindly
> ask you to never
> do it again.
> Have a nice day.
> Kyle E. Moore

You see? Even to the absolute lowest life forms on the planet that can conceivably be classified as human by biologists I am a decent person. It’s just how I do things.

Of course, such decency was not returned, not that anyone should be shocked. This was the reply I received:

I want to remind you what we did to Leonard Pitts when his newspaper decided he
wouldn’t print our commentary.

Think about it. You fucks are no longer in control.


I have to admit the name Leonard Pitts didn’t ring a bell, so I did a quick look on Wikipedia and I instantly fell in love with the guy. As a result of some apparent racist backlash in, go figure, Knoxville Tennessee, Pitts wrote, “[for the] the crackpots, incendiaries and flat-out racists who have chosen this tragedy upon which to take an obscene and ludicrous stand. I have four words for them and any other white Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized. Cry me a river.”

As a result of Pitts’ words, he’s been receiving death threats since, which strikes me as being terribly inefficient and a little easy to cope with. I mean, okay, sure, you deliver a death threat and then follow through with it a week later, and I have to admit; well played.

But almost a year goes by and nothing? Really?

Hold on, allow me to muster up the courage to be afraid for half a moment.


Not coming.

Oh well. So, stay tuned, we’ll see if the threat of sending me death threats results in actual death threats. I’m hoping it will because if it does, that will be very exciting, and personally, I lead a pretty humdrum life.

Also, I would like to put out a call for anyone with some awesome legal knowledge out there. At this point I don’t think anything illegal has happened, but I’ve always wanted to sue someone and I’m pretty sure death threats are kind of illegal, and well, I just wanna make sure I got all my ducks in a row should this escalate.

Oh, and one last thing, on top of the email I put out in the post linked above, apparently Bill White can also be reached at:

(edited by DrGail)

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  1. Bostondreams says:

    Damn, I woul LOVE to meet one of these fine folks. You know, being Polish, I kind of want to have a chat over September of 1939.


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