Iraq: 60 Killed in Funeral Bombing

This is just terrible.

The funeral was for two Sunnis part of a U.S. armed council that had been enlisted in the fight against the al Qaeda in Iraq organization.  This would appear to be a part of AQI’s attempt to increase the violence against the Sunni Awakening council which has sought to fight against the extreme Sunni insurgent group.

The timing of such an attack is heinous enough.  But to make matters worse, this is coming also at a time when there has been unrest among the Shia community in Iraq as well, Muqtada al Sadr having made significant displays of both military and political force.  Just recently, Sadr’s army, the Jaish al Mahdi, has declared that they will not disarm despite the warnings from the Badr brigade which likened the Shia militia to al Qaeda.

These portents spell out, at a minimum, troubled times ahead for Iraq, and unfortunately, could lead to many more bombings, much more fighting, and more funerals when there have already been too many.

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