I’ve Got A Little Outrage

C&L’s John Amato asks, “Where’s the outrage,” over the Bush administration’s role in pursuing a policy of torture, a role that has been revealed over the weekend to be very explicit.  Well, John, considering that Memeorandum along with a lot of other news outlets and aggregators are covering nothing but the Obama non-gaffe, I got plenty of outrage, both at the story itself, and the fact that it’s not getting nearly as much coverage as it should be.

I’m in.

Further, folks, you better get used to this.  If you don’t write letters, if you don’t make phone calls, you better start warming up now because it’s going to be a necessity as the months go on.  For the purposes of this torture issue, you need to go here and send a letter to your congressmen.  Don’t worry, the ACLU makes it take about thirty seconds; the letter’s already written all you have to do is fill in your information.

The letter is simply demanding that your congressional representative get onboard with appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration’s possible violations of the law in regards to torture.

But don’t think you’re stopping there.  As I hinted at above, only part of my outrage comes from the the fact of this administration’s policy of torture.  The other part of my outrage comes from the relative media quiet on this.  What would they rather be covering as opposed to this?  Whether Obama prefers orange juice or coffee, and the fact that Hillary apparently used to go duck hunting.  And who’s “in touch” and who’s “out of touch” with regular voters.

This problem isn’t going to end with this issue, and it’s going to get worse when we head into the general election.

So this is how it has to be from here on in.  The screws have got to be put to our elected officials, and the screws have got to be put to the mainstream media.  Whether it’s Hillary or Obama who is our nominee, unless we keep the letters flowing and the phone calls ringing, and put pressure on the media to cover the race fairly, we’re going to see first hand the big fat crush it has on John McCain.

We may still see that, but damn it, I’m not going down on this one without a fight.

Same goes with the government.  You want to complain about congress not pushing back enough on Bush?  Send your congressman letters.  The ones that are pushing back, send them money, let them know you’re going to help keep them in office.  The ones that are rolling over and playing dead, let them know you’ll work to make sure their political career really is dead.

Yeah, I’ve got more than a little outrage here.  I’m getting more than a little sick of the minutiae.  You can sit back and complain about it, or you can do something about it.

The complaining thing hasn’t worked so far, I guess it’s time to try the other, isn’t it?

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