Liveblogging The Debate

Well, we’re about fifteen minutes out from what promises to be a night of fireworks and fisticuffs in politics as the final two Democratic candidates square off days before a critical primary voting day.

Live webcasting will be hosted by ABC’s local affiliate here, and I truly hope that you’ll join me for tonight’s debate.  Because things are getting down to the wire, I’m not going to spend too much time explaining the backdrop for this incredibly important event, but I will take a few moments to explain how this works for those of you who have never participated in one of our liveblogging events.

Unlike many bloggers out there, we don’t do our liveblogging through updates or using fancy widgets, our minute by minute coverage occurs right there in the comments section.  This means that anyone who wishes can come and be a part of the play by play commentary.

It’s proven to be great fun in the past, and I expect tonight to be no different.

We simply ask that you follow a couple of simple guidelines.  Keep your language relatively civil; a curse word here and there is forgiveable but blatantly offensive language has to go.  And please no spamming.

With that said, let’s get it on!

63 Responses to “Liveblogging The Debate”

  1. Well, it’s looking as though they’re not going to open up the live feed until things actually start. I don’t like that. It always makes me nervous that something is going to go wrong.

    For everyone else, a warning, I do have some things going on in the background here in the office, and I may have to intermittently take my leave. I apologize for this, and hope that it doesn’t happen too terribly often.

  2. For the purposes of this event I will be dining on a Croissantburger… if that’s not elitist enough for you, and rootbeer. Ah yes… healthiness… I haz it.

  3. No problem Mike!

    Oh man, the local feed isn’t playing around, they are opening this up like a major sporting event.


  4. Charlie Gibson opens us up. He should be good.

  5. Give me a feed link!

  6. Obama gets the opening remarks first. He is definitely striking a much more populist tone in this statement than he has in the past.

  7. Ok, got it. Your link in the post above goes to a video that is not the stream. This is the stream.

  8. Actually, it’s going to be faster if you just go to the link in the main post. Go to the home page, and you can get to it from there.

  9. Hillary just wrapped up her closing remarks. Neither opener was much to speak of, and we’re in commercial now.

  10. The first question: Will you take the opponent as the running mate?

    Laughter erupts as there is silence.

  11. Obama returns to his “premature” response to that question, and he is using it to tie John McCain to George Bush. Well done, and Obama gets a good response in the sixties.

    Hillary is up.

  12. This line of questioning is asinine. It is a waste of time to ask two candidates that believe they can win the Presidency if they will agree to be loser… VP.

  13. And Hillary also comes up with a Unity concept.

  14. and here we go with the “bitter” comment, let’s see how it plays.

  15. He gives a toned down version of the response he’s been giving on the stump, I’m wondering if he’s leaving an opening for Clinton…

    He got a solid response during his graph, and it’s up to Clinton who immediately begins with the pandering.

  16. Oh wow.

    She didn’t bite.

    Okay, so I was totally wrong.

  17. Now, George asks Clinton if she thinks Obama can beat John McCain.

  18. She bit but not hard. I think the larger question is when will Suffinenvelopes ask her about her ludicrous negatives on trust.

  19. She’s actually performing very well this far. She’s not doing as she typically does. HAHAHA

    George pressed her to actually answer the question, and she has to admit that “Yes” Obama can win.

  20. She finally said he CAN win in November.

  21. Obama’s on the attack, and this is tricky ground for him… I don’t like it when he does this… so far the mood meter is buoying him though…

  22. Wow, the whole cookie baking argument was SOLID, ends up in the mid seventies, and he was baiting her, and she took it.

  23. For those who missed it, Obama, in a long winded response, brought up a Right Wing Attack against Clinton, and not only reminded people of it, disagreed with it, and pivoted on it to condemn old style politics.

    And now we are on the Wright situation.

    And I’m going to tell you right now, this is starting to irritate me. We’re almost a third of the way into this and we’ve yet to discuss a single issue.

  24. In the end I really believe the issue of his “bitter” comments will be nothing but a butterfly farting in the wind. It is a non starter, a polyester straw man, crap.

  25. And now Clinton is asked about her comment about how Wright wouldn’t be her pastor.

  26. I am going to have to bail on this little exercise – work calls. Keep up the good work my man.

  27. DrGail says:

    That was a deft pivot Obama just did, implying that since Hillary’s pastor supported Wright, what’s wrong with her?

  28. I agree gail.

    Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I am starting to feel pretty sorry for the residents of PA.

    You would almost believe that the entire country can be run on Wright and Bitter alone.

  29. And Hillary attempts to tighten the screws on this issue.

  30. DrGail says:

    Finally, they’re addresing the honest & trustworthy question. Ooh, even with questions from “people in the street” — good concept!

  31. Nex tquestion: Six in ten voters don’t feel she’s honest, and now she’s on the hot seat on Bosnia.

    If I were Obama, I would just back off of this.

    Don’t hit her.

  32. Well, Gail, at least there are no snowmen.

    And unlike Obama who managed to pull his mood meter up on his tough questions, Clinton is struggling, and her mood meter is dropping pretty heavily.

  33. DrGail says:

    Somehow, it doesn’t hold water that “the battle of the Tuzla tarmac” was an oversight. I think if I were shot at, I would remember that clearly and would not remember that I had been shot at when I hadn’t. But then, maybe I just have too uninteresting a life.

    BTW — She was sure in a glass house, suggesting that Obama was hiding something by bringing up various different explanations for Rev. Wright.

  34. Back momentarily…Sorry but the question I was waiting for was asked and she failed miserably to answer it. She admitted she “said things she knew were false.”

  35. So far he’s doing well, he’s not just resisting attacking her, but actually being gracious in giving her a by, and then focing the ISSUES into the debate, and the mood meter goes WILD!

  36. Oh, she fumbled the question alright.

    And Obama is asked why he doesn’t wear the lapel pin, this should be a great opportunity for him to score some great points.

  37. And now, Obama is asked about being friendly with William Ayers, a former Weatherman

  38. Wow…

    Obama just took George Stephanopolous to the woodshed on this, that this is entirely silly that because Obama knows someone he shares their values.

    And here comes Hillary with digging dirt.

  39. Oh jeez.

    And now Hillary gets to attack Obama by saying the Republicans are going to attack Obama.

  40. Snap, and he dished it right back bringing up Bill Clinton’s pardoning of weather underground. Then defended his own ability to defend himself.

  41. Well, with the first third of the debate ourt of the way, I’m pretty much disgusted with what we have seen so far.

    there has been not a single question on issues as of yet and this has been a back and forth on controversies that have risen in the campaign.

    Covering controversy is fine, don’t get me wrong, but this is more than a little lopsided.

    As for how they’ve been performing thus far, both candidates have done well, with Hillyary really stumbling a couple of times while Obama perhaps had his hardest time in the beginning of his answer to a question concerning his relationship with Rev. Wright.

    Clinton is being overly aggressive, though, and unless she lands a knock out blow, that is not going to work well for her. so far I’ve seen no knock out blows though.

  42. Oh wow, a real question on issues. How will the candidates bring the troops home. Gibson adds, would Clinton still withdrawl even if it destabilizes Iraq.

    And Hillary seems to be in her wheelhouse here in standing by her campaign’s stance so that she can begin withdrawl in sixty days.

    I do not like the blaiming Iraqis meme, but I supoose that that’s the best we’re likely to get in this political culture.

  43. Okay Gail, I’m going to leave it to you for the next few minutes, I’ll be back shortly.

  44. Okay, I’m back, so give me a moment to back on balance here. Hillary apparently talking about Iran and doing okay.

    It bothers me her hawkishness on this, and now we go to the economy.

  45. ugh. she had a great answer on middle class tax increases, until she plugged her website website.


  46. Strikes a great populist chord on capital gains taxes, explaining how hedge fund managers pay less taxes on capital gains then their secretaries.

    And pivots and puts it on John McCain.

    Not a bad answer.

    Clinton takes over.

  47. Oh, Hillary hits Obama on his plan to lift payroll taxes, and he goes to respond.

  48. DrGail says:

    I’m back. What is this meme Gibson is pushing, that revenues go up when capital gains tax rates go down? Is this “voodoo economics”, or is this legitimate?

  49. oh no… Obama went on the attack and he’s not doing well at this point, his mood meter took a hit, he’s starting to pull it up a little bit, but this is not his best answer.

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