March Madness: Obama’s $40 Million

I heartily agree with Phillip Brownlee of ME Blog; the fact that Obama managed to raise $40 million dollars in the month of March is staggering. The Daily Kos puts things into perspective:

March was arguably Obama’s worst month of the campaign. He wasn’t able to take advantage of his shot to knock Clinton out of the race by winning the primaries in Ohio and Texas (and yes, I know, he got more delegates out of Texas, but he didn’t win the primary). Clinton got a bit of a bounce after the March 4th contests. Then the Jeremiah Wright story blew up on Obama. His poll numbers tanked in the middle of the month. His extraordinary speech on race in Philadelphia has helped him recover, but he probably lost well over a week of momentum, so one would expect his fundraising to have suffered.

Obviously it didn’t. Based on what the Clinton campaign leaked to Time, that Clinton didn’t hit $20 million, and adding in the $13 million raised by McCain, Obama raised more money in March than both his Democratic and Republican rivals combined.

That’s right: Obama raised more funds last month than both of his rivals, and he managed to do so in the midst of multiple possibly campaign-killing setbacks. Of course:

Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson refused to release Clinton’s specific fundraising take on the call although he did note that Obama would outraise his candidate in March as he had done for several recent months. “We will have the resources that we need to compete and be successful in the upcoming primary states,” said Wolfson — echoing the campaign’s mantra in recent days. Wolfson said Clinton’s fundraising figures would not be made public until the Federal Election Commission required it be done in the middle of this month.

What does this mean? Simple: The Clinton Campaign has something to hide and we won’t find out what it is until April 20th. No campaign in its right mind would withhold fundraising numbers unless they’re absolutely terrible. DHinMI from Kos (same link as above) is right:

“There is no plausible explanation for why the campaign would refuse to release their fundraising totals except that the news is dreadful.”

I wonder: Will those funds, however much there may be, be enough to pay Clinton’s bills? Or does “compete” mean nothing more than being able to afford media buys at the expense of the small business owners she owes money to?

Anyone who discounts the power of the small donations after this is a fool.

* In the interest of full disclosure: $150 of that $40 million is mine.

(editorial blessing from DrGail)

6 Responses to “March Madness: Obama’s $40 Million”

  1. DrGail says:

    I truly mourn every instance in which Hillary acts more like a Republican than a Democrat. Perhaps I’m just a wide-eyed optimist, but playing fast-and-loose about releasing information or — worse — putting her money into media buys while blowing off the small businesspeople to whom she owes money, as you suggest, seem anathema to Democratic Party principles.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m an unabashed Obama supporter, but I try to follow his example by not trashing people just because I disagree with them.

  2. Bostondreams says:

    I actually went ahead and donated last month, finally. Didn’t win the dinner, but I’m still glad I did!

  3. Bostondreams says:

    So, to follow up my last comment, without me, he does not break the 40 million dollar mark! woohoo!

  4. Yeah, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t win the dinner. Ah well.

  5. Adrian says:

    Hey thanks for the great blog, I love this stuff. I don’t usually read much into politics but with the election coming up (not to mention the dem primaries) and everyone going green these days I thought I would leave a comment.

    I am trying to find more about the government and if they are going to ratify the Kyoto Protocol any time soon. Has anyone seen this pole on ? It said 75% of people think the government should ratify the Kyoto Protocol on Earth Day (when I took it). I also saw something on Wikipedia but it wasn’t up to date. Any other thoughts on where the government is going with this?

    I am looking for more info on what candidates’ opinions are and how are we are going to get closer to solutions. Drop a link if you see anything worth my time.

  6. Hmmmm…. I suppose we could look into that, maybe do a write up or two on it.

    It’s a good idea…


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