Martial Law

For anyone who doesn’t understand that the infringements that our administration’s anti-terrorism policies have made upon the Constitution are a point of vital concern continue to fail to grasp the concept of a “slippery slope.”

From Libby Spencer:

Radley Balko tells us about Operation Sudden Impact where hundreds of “federal, state, and local police in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas conducted a massive sweep, including raids of businesses, homes, and boats; traffic roadblocks; and personal body searches.”

They said they were looking for terrorists. They didn’t find any, but they confiscated computers and paperwork from the businesses, “recovered 12.2 grams of heroin, 19 syringes, seized $1,795” and issued hundreds of traffic violations. Sounds an awful lot like a practice run for martial law to me.

The punchline?  In Memphis they are using federal grants for anti-Terrorism efforts to fight crime.  If stuff like this doesn’t scare you, there’s something very very wrong with you.

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