McCain Continues to Not Support the Troops

Matt is doing an excellent job of pushing the torture story to the forefront.  Amid all of the talk surrounding the Democratic primary, it is far too easy for infinitely more important stories to slip through the cracks.

Perhaps not on par with the torture story, but still incredibly important is McCain’s refusal to back an expansion of the GI Bill that Senator Jim Webb first introduced a year ago.  I brought this up last week thanks to the tip off by one of our readers, Ricardo Martinez.  Then the story seemed to die a pretty silent death.

But back then there was still some hope.  John McCain hadn’t outright refused to back the bill, but instead merely said that he hadn’t had the time to properly review it.  Right, because a year just isn’t enough time to read through a bill and decide if you could get behind it.  I wonder where this intense desire for great deliberation was for such bills like the PATRIOT ACT, or the resolution that ultimately led us to war with Iraq.

No, those were times to do the best rubber stamp impression possible for McCain.  When it comes to supporting the troops by giving them the educational benefits they deserve, however; that’s the time for prudence.

But there’s been a new development.  Now that McCain has had time to look over the bill, he’s decided, nah, he’s not going to support it.  He has signaled that he will offer up an alternative bill, but read the fine print folks; this alternative would address the fear that giving soldiers too many educational would result in too many soldiers leaving the military.

In other words, if and when McCain’s alternative does come out, look for it to have the vague appearance of a back door draft.

Meanwhile, there seem to be some concepts that McCain fails to grasp.

-Instituting better educational benefits will undoubtedly have a positive effect upon recruitment.

-Instituting better educational benefits will also likely increase the quality of the recruits.

And finally.

-If you’re worried about keeping people in the military, STOP FIGHTING STUPID WARS!

Look, a soldier’s going to fight, and a soldier’s going to follow orders.  But there’s a difference in moral and the world view of a soldier if we’re fighting wars only out of necessity, or if we’re fighting wars out of adventure.  Iraq qualifies as the latter.

Worse, with McCain comes the potential for jumping into a THIRD war with IRAN!  The problem that the Pentagon, Bush, and McCain all seem to have is keeping people in the military won’t be a result of better educational benefits, it’s the result of a ridiculous neoconservative foreign policy.

That might have something to do with it anyway.  Just a thought.

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  1. DrGail says:

    Here is yet another example of McCain running for Bush’s third term. This bizarre argument proposed by McCain is precisely the same one put forward by Bush.

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