Meet Our New Team

As I’ve hinted at, CFLF has taken on some new help, and already you’re starting to hear their voices and read their words, and I wanted to take a few moments out of this day to welcome them to the team and introduce them to you.

This is actually a very big deal; I can’t remember the last time Comments From Left Field had so many people working together, and I can’t wait to see how these new voices and personalities are going to mold us and make us better in the future.

So, personally, I wanted to express how thrilled I am to welcome so many talented folks to our roster.

You’ve already met Tas on a few occasions, and he’s sure to keep the discussions around here passionate and engrossing. One thing that is already apparent is he’s going to bring the heat and ask the tough questions, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. For more of his writing, you can also check out his personal blog here.

For some of you, Dustin will be a familiar name due to his work at the Gun Toting Liberal, and at the Poligazette. He took a little time off and now he’s back and he’s going to be helping us out both behind the scenes, and on the front page. I like the way he thinks, and I think after a while you will too.

Now, we are fairly Obama-centric blog, and if that’s going to be the deal, what better addition could there be than someone who has been blogging about Obama from the beginning? Terry’s site, Positively Barack, has been a great resource for obama fans, and she’s done something that a lot of us simply can’t seem to do; she’s kept her great blog 100% positive. She’s also been a major contributor to our liveblogging events, and an all around great friend to me and the blog. It’s great having her on board.

Also helping us out both on the front page and in the background will be Kathy who runs the awesome Liberty Street blog. Not only do I hope that her excellent nose for news will enrich the CFLF experience, but her grammatical awareness will… uh… well… you know. Hey! I’m a blogger! I thought I was granted a typo here and there. No… Seriously, I’ve talked with Kathy an awful lot in recent weeks, and she’s a great person and I’m grateful we were able to net such a great find.

Finally, the last name that we’ve added to our roster is something of a thrill for me. Unlike everyone else here, she has never had a blog, but she’s sharp and she knows her way around a comments section. In fact, some of you who regularly stop by to post comments may recognize DrGail from the discussions she’s participated in here. Well, she’s going to be leading some of those discussions now.

So please help me welcome these good folks to our humble chunk of internet real estate, and let’s get some good ol’ fashion discussion and debate going.

13 Responses to “Meet Our New Team”

  1. Cernig says:

    Damn, that’s a good net of catches. Kudos, CFLF.

    And welcome to Dustin, Terry and Kathy (Tas, I’ve already welcomed) – you’ve joined up with a great bunch of folks here.

    Regards, Cernig

    PS – Kyle, change our URL on your blogroll, dude! I emailled you yesterday! 🙂 C

  2. Cernig says:

    OOps. sorry. Just realised it looks like I’m snubbing Dr Gail there – but she’s already part of the CFLF family and is included in the “great bunch of folks”.

    Regards, C

  3. Balls! I knew I was forgetting something. Sorry man, I’ve been working the emails like mad getting these people together and helping Mike get them on the roster… Gonna fix that now.

  4. Dustin says:

    Thanks for the welcome Cernig. Oh, and guys, the site url’s already been changed to reflect the move. Come on now, you don’t think we’d let that go unchanged would ya?

    But seriously I’m glad to be here, hope you all don’t end up hating me 🙂

  5. Oh…. uh… it’s been done already.

    I was going to do an announcement tomorrow btw. Didn’t want to announce the new writers and the new link so as not to diminish each other.

  6. ah…

    and it was addressed before I addressed.

    Well… uh… well done Dustin. Good first day on the job.

  7. Dave Mastio says:

    Congrats on the new lineup.

  8. Thanks, Dave, really appreciate it.

  9. Cernig says:

    LOL Dustin, beating old slowpoke to the punch! Nice one.

    Regards, C

  10. matttbastard says:

    Welcome aboard, everyone.

  11. Dynamic says:

    Glad to see y’all coming aboard! I think it’ll be great to have a larger roster of regular posters.

    I hope at least one or two of you are late night insomniacs so I have something to read with my crazy schedule. 😉

  12. Congratulations. Looking forward to it.


  13. Bostondreams says:

    Awesome. Wish I could blog like you folks!
    One of my favorite reads! 🙂

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