Michelle Malkin Would Be So Proud

Okay, maybe not; even Michelle Malkin calls Melanie Bowers, “stupid.”   But, one wonders if Malkin’s discontent stems from the act, or getting caught?  She definitely wastes no time going right on back to blaming us liberals, which itself has a kind of comfortable feel to it.

So, a quick hint for anyone looking to do anything stupid: LOOK FOR VIDEO CAMERAS!

In case you need catching up, apparently thirteen-year-old Melanie Bowers isn’t a fan of illegal immigration.  This to the point that she made a protest sign that read “If you love our nation, stop illegal immigration.”  While at her middle school in Athens Texas, that sign was stolen from her, and she alleged that she was also beaten and threatened with being killed or raped.

She even had the scratches to prove it.

Except, as it turns out, those scratches were not, as her father initially claimed, a, “racially motivated crime,” but instead self inflicted.  Well, I guess it could be a racially motivated crime, just, in this case Melanie was attempting to frame some kids because of their race as opposed to them beating on her because of hers.

Not quite as bad as these two lovely young girls…

…but pretty bad all the same.

Here’s another hint for Melanie and all the budding little ideologues out there: there might be a problem with your position if you have to inflict bodily harm upon yourself to prove it.

I’m just saying.

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