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Yeah, and McCain is going to start a new “War on Poverty.”  Oh, but don’t worry, this won’t be like Johnson’s War on Poverty, this one will work…  by killing poor people.

Seriously, think about it.  If you kill all the poor people, all that’s left are the people that aren’t poor.  It’ll be awesome.

Okay, all ribbing aside, from the sounds of it, the central part of the strategy in McCain’s War on Poverty is, essentially, to tell all the poor folks, “You’re on your own.”  That ought to do the trick!  In all reality, if we absolutely must wage a War on Poverty (which I don’t think we should do.  Instead I believe we should enact a series of economic and social proposals and programs that provide the tools necessary to help people escape the chains of poverty, but that’s just me), the last people I want running this war would be the same people who ran our War on Terrorism, and our War in Iraq, and our future War in Iran.

That’s to say, McCain’s War on Poverty would essentially be synonymous with an Open-Ended-Conflict-With-No-End-In-Sight-No-Clear-Path-To-Victory-And-What-The-Hell-Are-We-Doing-Here? on Poverty.

Same concept with these people, really.

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