Obama Takes Lead Among Senatorial Super Dels

As I asked earlier this evening, the question isn’t why Obama can’t put Clinton away, but the other way around given that Clinton has enjoyed quite a bit of bad press against Obama.  She’s still struggling in the polls, but what’s more, Obama continues to outstrip her in collecting Super Delegates.

On the same day that North Carolina’s governor endorsed Hillary Clinton, Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico has hopped onboard the Obama train.  Interestingly, this puts Obama in the lead of Super Delegates coming from the Senate.

But the other thing that this brings to the surface is just how drastic the math that faces Hillary Clinton truly is.  Unless she manages to draw close to Obama in pledged delegates, she has to perform significantly better than Obama when it comes to netting the endorsements of Super Delegates.

In fact, she has to do MUCH better than he does, and if it comes down to a one for one situation such as today’s, she’s still going to lose, by quite a bit.

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2 Responses to “Obama Takes Lead Among Senatorial Super Dels”

  1. pat tumen says:

    hilary is soo phony that she thinks she can change the rules to win at the cost of the party. If she will do this in the primary what can we expect if she and her husband get into the white house. she will get beat by mccain and we will be back where we started. What happened to discussions about ending the war and the deplorable conditions our troops are having to endure and still no g.i. bill when are they going to bring up bills behavior in the white house.he wants a women in the oval office and it doesn’t have to be his wife.look between the lines or under the desk.

  2. robert bair says:

    as an independent voter, and like many others like me, if clinton gets the nod, i will be voting for McCain. i support obama for a change in a complete new direction.
    the clintons will be worse than the two dictators we have now.

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