Of Course, He Would Know

You have really got to love this little place I call home.

For Hampton Roads, Virginia, national politics doesn’t exactly take center stage.  If you want to grab the interest of your average southeastern Virginian, don’t bother with John McCain, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton.  No, focus on transportation, taxes, and NAVY NAVY NAVY.

I mention this because I was kind of taken by surprise.  I had read the headline, “Former president says campaign ‘too big to be little about’,” and thought to myself, ‘Hmmm… Jimmy Carter?’

Boy was I wrong.  They were talking about Bill who was lamenting the “silliness” of this primary season.  Well, of course Bill would know about the silliness of this primary season, he has caused more than his fair share of it.

But I still appreciate the sentiment, even if it is too easily filed in the, “Too little, too late,” category.

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