Official Unacceptable Comment Number 1!

You know, I warn folks, and I’m nice about it, time and again, keep things civil, keep them decent, and we won’t have any problems.  Unfortunately, Bill White couldn’t do that, threatened one of our writers, and engaged in uncalled for epithets.

Don’t bother finding the comment in the comments section to a post, I’ve erased it already, but in case you are wondering, this is the entirety of what Bill had to say:

Right now, I’m plugging your name into a long list of political commentators opposed to national socialism. Sometime tomorrow, someone will run your name against your local utility company database, get your address, date of birth and social security number, and place that on file. In the not to distant future, this information will be used to reserve a place for you in a labor camp, if your uppitiness doesn’t draw you further attention first.

Enjoy, asshole. We have plans for you, and all your Jew-Bolshevik friends.

Billy came with a website, which I will not post; I’m not interested in giving a traffic bump to neo nazis, and, yes, that is exactly what his website is.  However, I have no qualms providing Bill’s email:

You know, should you want to share your feelings on how they have treated our writers, or, you know, in general just kinda share your feelings about neo nazis.  Either way, I don’ t care.

For the rest of you, I have a pretty high threshold of tolerance, but crap like this doesn’t fly around here.  You have been warned.

6 Responses to “Official Unacceptable Comment Number 1!”

  1. DrGail says:

    Ironic, isn’t it, that his last name is “White”?

  2. Stupendous.

    Is it fair to assume that this comment was left on Mac’s post from yesterday about the Indiana idiot?

  3. DM Metzger says:

    I love assholes like that. Full of bluff and bluster and no ability to follow through. I’m not a violent person but Billy, if you’re reading this, expect to need a full platoon of your browncoat buddies just to get through my door, and expect casualties.

    You casually talk about forced labor camps and slavery as if it’s acceptable, inevitable, and right. Well guess what… America doesn’t agree. Ever wonder why it worked in Germany a half-century ago and isn’t doing so hot over here? Yeah, we’re not that dumb. We know our history.

    So go join your Klan buddies out in the forest and pretend to be “revolutionaries”, that’s all you’ll ever accomplish.

  4. Chuck says:

    Damn! I thought I was harsh!

  5. …and just a not-so-friendly reminder to Mr. Bill and his Nazi buddies who are apparently too stupid to remember their history. This is what happened to your predecessors, do you think the world will be so kind to you?

    [Unfortunately I had to remove the lovely photo’s I added earlier as they were mucking up the formatting of this post. To see what I was pointing to just click the link above.]

  6. BethW says:

    How interesting… I got the exact same comment on my site (which is on the other side of the political spectrum from yours, for the most part). I did a post on Zirkle, as well.

    Just in case anyone was wondering, everyone on the Right side of the aisle think Zirkle was insane for speaking at that event. Ttheir views, no matter what you might have been told, do not reflect the views of the GOP in general. From what I can tell, Zirkle is getting as much, if not more, grief from conservatives.


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