On Acceptable and Unacceptable Victims

Christina with the question (and subsequent answer) of the day:

[What] if Hope Steffey had been black? Or an immigrant? Or gay? Or trans? Or poor? We would have immediately wondered what she had done. When we heard that she’d handed the cop the wrong ID, we would probably have thought she was trying to pull something. When we heard that she demanded it back, we might have assumed she “gave the cop attitude”. She might have gotten the benefit of the doubt that she hadn’t caused it somehow or that the reaction had been out-of-proportion to the infraction but there would have been a doubt there–there must be in order to get a “benefit of”.


Make sure to also check out the AlterNet article that provoked Christina’s musings, along with the related discussion at Feministe.

Background: more on the Hope Steffy incident here, here and here.

2 Responses to “On Acceptable and Unacceptable Victims”

  1. Gonna have to wait until I get home to watch the vids.

  2. John says:

    No, people wonder already what SHE had done. But the police say there was no video from the police cruiser. So she was convicted in a jury trial on the word of the officer.

    BUT the police also said they turned over ALL the jail video to Steffy’s lawyers. But then its reported on the news that this is NOT TRUE.

    The video camera in the building CLEARLY shows Steffy being videoed while being paraded down the hall, with what looks to be the whole night shift of officers, to watch a 125lb handcuffed woman, being forcibly stripped of her cloths….”for her own safety”.

    Her lawyers say none of that video was turned over to them. And they suspect that there was video of her initial interrogation when the police attacked her.


    Then after this we also find out the police have a pattern of abuse:

    CBS news analyzes Police abuse tapes:

    Teen Girls Strip Searched:

    Four more women come forward in Hope Steffy case:

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