Option Three

I kind of thought the crusades were done and over with, but apparently I was wrong.

Stumbling aroundNewsNow, I happened upon this essay which chronicles a disturbing argument to engage in genocide of Muslim peoples. I can’t stress enough how utterly terrifying the sentiments expressed in this article are.

And yet, we see anti-Islamic resentments flaring up not only here in the US, but overseas in Europe, most notably, at least from my own observations, in Holland. Given the author’s locale, I’m guessing there’s a rising tide of anti-Islamic sentiment in the UK as well.

I personally wouldn’t know as I do all I can keeping abreast of what’s going on in this country.

Interestingly, through all this Islamaphobic sentiment, no one, not even our government it would seem, manages to come up with what just might be the right answer. Deal.

I’m not kidding; radical Islamic terrorism has sent a ripple of a particularly virulent and dangerous strain of subjugation throughout western civilization. People are hyper-reacting to what is a perceived threat, and the faith and all of its followers, regardless of any criminality, are maligned.

Think about the undercurrent of the oft used whisper campaign against Barack Obama that he’s an undercover Muslim. According to our constitution, this should matter neither here nor there; the Constitution guarantees a freedom of religion, and most certainly does not impose any kind of religious test upon a President of the United States.

And yet the attacks carry with them potential damage, not necessarily towards Obama who continues to prove himself and his campaign particularly resilient, but most definitely towards the Muslim community in this country which stand as the proxy targets for such campaigns.

This sentiment bothers me on two levels. In the first my feelings are more nationalistic than anything else; I believe in this country’s principles of multiculturism and whenever a group, be it African Americans, women, homosexuals, or Muslims are treated as though there is something wrong with them, that ultimately undermines the sanctity of this country. While it may have taken us centuries to evolve to this point, the precepts of freedom of America are not reserved for white Christian men, but for all people.

On a totally different level this bothers me because whilst the actors may change, the play is an old one that repeats itself throughout history, and across the span of the globe. Out of general unrest arises a villain, cast in the shape of an entire people, and when the conditions are just right, those people find themselves the victims of heinous atrocities, from the Holocaust to the post-slavery era of Jim Crow laws and lynchings, from the Salem witch trials to the Inquisition, from Tibet to Darfur.

And this is what bothers me the most about this article. At any moment in history, if you are even contemplating genocide, that should stand out as a warning sign, as a glaring alarm that you are crossing over a line. It means that you have lost sight of the bigger picture; of families trying to feed and care for their children, of communities that are trying to get by. And instead you have fallen into a sort of delusional state where you only see a caricature of the people you seek to destroy. In that brief moment of thought, where you trasition from rationality to insanity, nightmares are born, and black pages are penned in history books forever.

Yet this author crosses that line with ease. There is no tentativeness, there is no pause for thought. And the scariest thing is the terminology. You’ve heard people use euphemisms; let’s turn the Middle East into a glass parking lot, kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out, clever phrases that undermine the severity of what is going on. But here, the euphemism is cold and clinical. It does not bear the weight of the ending of many human lives, it cannot convey the heartache of losing one’s family, or the sheer gutwrenching pain of watching a loved one ripped apart by a bomb blast or having their torso riddled with bullets.

It is clean, easy, simple, like a pill. That’s it, just a simple answer, and all the troubles will be taken away. Never mind the fact that the eradication of radical Islamic terrorism will only make room for other forms of terrorism, that terrorism is a disease in human society that will exist long after the eradication of any one ideology or, for that matter, body of faith. It doesn’t even matter if there are other medicines, better medicines that can address the problem safer, better, allowing more people to keep not only their lives but their dignity.

No, none of that matters because this is the medicine to be taken. This is the right prescription.

This medicine, genocide, is “Option Three”.

(edited by DrGail)

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