Please Don’t Throw Us In The Briar Patch!

After once making it clear she would never ever ever run for elected office, it would seem that our current Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, has decided that she would like to keep working for the president after this one has left office…

as the Vice President.

Granted, I can understand how Condi Rice might look like an attractive running mate.  For one, she could also be seen as bringing foreign policy and national security “experience” to the Republican ticket, something McCain supposedly has plenty of.  Also, from the standpoint of identity politics, Condi could soften the image of a white male who has to run against either a black man or a white woman (possibly both).

And, true, Condi may be McCain’s best pick (though I wouldn’t venture to guess who might be better).  But she’s hardly that much of an asset.

Going back to identity politics, one of the things she would do is take them off the table, regardless of who does become the Democratic party nominee.  It would essentially hamstring a good chunk of bigoted whisper campaigns that are already getting primed and ready for the main event.  While I would never imply that McCain would employ racism or sexism to win the White House, I would also never put it beyond some ill-conceived 527.

Instead of having to deal with the silly arguments of whether Barack is too black to be president, or if Hillary’s too female to be president, we’ll at least have the opportunity to beat each other about the head, neck, and shoulders with something a little less intense.

As for the experience, yeah, sure, Condi’s got plenty of experience… AS A KEY PLAYER IN THE US LED INVASION OF IRAQ!

Seriously.  McCain couldn’t POSSIBLY frame his candidacy of a third Bush term better than to name Condoleeza Rice as his running mate.  Might as well promise to name George Bush as Secretary of State and have Dick Cheney serve as Secretary of Defense again.  OOH!  And let’s bring back Rummy.

Should McCain bring Rummy back into the fold?  Why not?  Could Rummy drag down the ticket?  It’s possible.  Would Dems have an easier time lambasting the McCain candidacy for actively campaigning on Bush’s failed policies?  Probably.  Is that any reason for McCain not to?  Of course not.

Remember, you run a presidential campaign with the people you got, not the people you wish you had.

As for Condi.  Oh no, please don’t select someone who has her name and face firmly affixed to the most botched foreign policy endeavor in a generation!  I just don’t know if we’ll be able to bounce back from that!

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One Response to “Please Don’t Throw Us In The Briar Patch!”

  1. DrGail says:

    It seems to be a perfect reflection of just how unhinged the GOP has become to even think that Condi would make a fine VP candidate.

    I can’t imagine, though, that she would have a serious shot at the position. She is clearly a “loyal lieutenant” type who exists primarily as an echo-chamber for her leader. She’s not even independent-minded enough to throw Rummy and Cheney and the rest of the gang under the bus to salvage her own reputation. (Doug Feith did this pretty blatantly on 60 Minutes last night.)

    When much of the selection of a VP candidate will be driven by ensuring there’s someone qualified to take over when (not “if”) McCain keels over, she should and would be a last choice.


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