PSA: Newshoggers Has Moved

So, Cernig’s finally, after all these years, woken up and smelled the coffee. No… he hasn’t decided to put as much distance between himself and Texas, but he has finally moved off of Blogger. Our good friends over at the Newshoggers have undergone some pretty big changes including a move to Typepad (could’ve done wordpress, would have made trackbacks easier for me when I link to you guys…).

There’s been some pretty spiffy cosmetic changes too, including some hot action swoopy letters, and negative space flying pigs! (Okay, maybe not real negative space, but it’s just a cool sounding phrase)

But all the cosmetic changes and background changes don’t change what has been and continues to be an excellent blog.

The new url is so if you have them bookmarked or blogrolled, please don’t forget to update to reflect the new url.

Congrats guys!

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  1. A nice spiffy new layout too, I might add. I’ve stopped by to offer my congrats. I love those guys. (and Libby too ;))

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