Quinnipiac Poll Shows Obama Closing the Gap

The most recent poll from Quinipiac University is not what Senator Hillary Clinton wants to see. Obama, who began last month down to Clinton by double digits, has brought his campaign to within six points of Hillary. And he’s accomplishing this by going after Hillary Clinton’s demographic strongholds.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Pennsylvania seemed to be a tailor made state for Mrs. Clinton with its high population of middle class, older white people–the Archie Bunker demographic. Following the Ohio and Texas primaries, Clinton led Obama by double digits, and no one expected Obama to really make up that gap in the interim six weeks.

When the Wright story hit, it hit hard, and seemed to hit the hardest among those Pennsylvania constituencies that Obama needed the most if he wanted to score an upset victory. This seemed to remove all hope of a come from behind surprise win. In fact, it seemed to make even a respectable showing impossible.

But here we are. There are two things I think that are responsible for this pretty impressive comeback. One being a series of stories that have greatly hurt Hillary; Bosnia, the mother without health insurance, and the ties between Penn and a Colombia free trade deal. The other I would have to say is a pretty intense ground offensive on Obama’s behalf that includes both a significant grassroots effort as well as a bus tour that treated Pennsylvania almost as though it were Iowa.

It is still too early to say whether or not an Obama win in the state is realistic, but I can say that Obama is very close to clearing the bar of expectations set for him in the state.

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One Response to “Quinnipiac Poll Shows Obama Closing the Gap”

  1. Kathy Giannini says:

    I’m originally from Monessen but now live in France which just got through its presidential election in May. The winning candidate now president Nicolas Sarkozy touted “change” and “more buying power”. Lots of people have been siphoned off the official unemployment lists to become the “working poor”. Like Obama, Sarkozy spoke of change, used slogans, de-emphasized his record.
    The losing candidate was a woman, Ségolène Royale, and I believe she lost BECAUSE she was a woman. Unlike Sarkozy, her RECORD was positive, her political intuition very sure, but — like Obama’s campaign — there was a omnipresent Glitzkrieg with a verbal “staking out” of slogans that is almost sect-like.
    And it’s here on internet that the “symptoms” show. Read the comment of Obama supporters and learn who the candidate really is. Keep your own voice. Resist the Glitz.

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