Rove’s Subpoena Two-Step

Remember kids, to us mortals a Congressional subpoena, or any subpoena for that matter, isn’t something we can ignore. The choices are simple and there are really only three of them:

  1. Show up and behave, no trouble no foul.
  2. Submit a motion to quash, forcing the issuing party to show just cause why you should have to appear.
  3. Simply not show up. This’ll land you a nice hefty fine and likely a visit with Bubba.

Of course, if you’re Karl Rove, there’s always option #4: Refuse to show up and dare anyone to do anything about it.

In what one can only guess was an effort to appear accommodating Rove gave indication that, “Sure“, he’d testify during hearings into the apparently political motive behind the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Siegelman. Of course Congress pounced right on this one. It’s not, after all, every day that Rove deigns a subpoena worthy of response:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and other panel members are calling on Karl Rove to testify before Congress on the alleged White House-led investigation of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman (D).


“There continue to be numerous complaints of selective or politically motivated prosecution since our investigation began last year,” Conyers said in a statement corresponding to a report released Thursday on alleged selective prosecutions.

“The actions we are taking today, including calling Karl Rove to testify, are an effort to get to the bottom of this matter,” he added.

Of course, surprise surprise, he was just joking. Rove never really had any interest in testifying.

Remind me again, why does this guy even have an option? And: Why the hell won’t Congress step up and, you know, force him? It’s not like contempt of congress would be hard to prove at this point or something.

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