Say Anything

As it’s been the case throughout history, some people will say anything to get elected. And maybe the judgment of a candidate’s character can be left solely to the ridiculousness of the things they say. Indeed, how does a candidate act when they get desperate? That’s when we see the real them.

With the Democratic primaries going into super-duper triple extended overtime, we’ve seen a lot of examples of Hillary going over the top in her attacks against Obama — reaching right across party lines to adopt their tactics, calling Obama an “elitist” and claiming that he’s just not down with all dem down home folks. Coincidentally enough, these attacks came when Obama was steadily gaining on her in the polls.

I thought this looked bad… Until I heard the latest from John McCain: “McCain calls for summer holiday from gas tax“. Launching nasty attacks against your opponent is bad, but jumping on the high gas prices bandwagon by waving this pandering carrot stick out at voters it just pathetic on a few levels. The article linked reminds its readers just what the federal gas tax that McCain wants to give a holiday to is for:

Other analysts said that not all the savings would get to motorists because filling stations wouldn’t lower prices completely, that the suspension would siphon badly needed revenue for repairing bridges and roads, and that it would hurt conservation efforts, even though McCain highlights his concern about global warming.

So McCain wants to cut a tax that goes directly to infrastructure repair. Perhaps he needs a reminder that a quarter of the bridges in this country are in need of repair? Maybe he just conveniently forgot about that bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed last year? Where’s the money going to go for that, Mr. McCain?

Like I said, launching nasty attacks at your opponent is bad. But attempting placing the lives of American people at risk all for a cheap pandering move to get more votes… That’s truly shameful.

But at least we now know (or are reminded of) the real John McCain.

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  1. Chief says:

    The gas tax is 18 cents a gallon. By eliminating it, a person will save 5 percent. Wow, a whole fookin’ 5 percent. Whoopie-do.

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