So Much For That Dream

Alas, the dream is dead. My hopes, for but a brief spell, did soar, and now, with such few words, they have been dashed upon the rocks of dread disappointment, where they shall be left broken in the harsh rays of the cruel sun where they will twist and writhe in death’s dark agony until they are left there as warped and twisted fragments of what could have been.

Condi Rice has returned to her old position of not wanting to be Vice President anymore.

I’m not kidding, I wanted Condi to run, and I wanted it real bad. Not because I think she would make an awesome running mate, or even a good vice president; I really, really don’t. No, I wanted her to run because I think she would have been a disastrous running mate for John McCain.

I mean, if we ever have problems painting John McCain as a third Bush term (which is quite possible given that the media can’t seem to get over its big sloppy crush on McCain), then we would have good old Condi there to help us out.

Oh, and this War Crimes deal going on, tell me this wouldn’t just get you all warm and fuzzy; McCain’s running mate prosecuted for war crimes. Seriously, that’s the kind of thought that makes my cholesterol laden heart go all a twitter.

So while Condi flirted with the idea of being prospective Veep, it appears she’s come to her senses, at least for now. I… I shall have to find a new dream now that this one has been so brutally slaughtered.

Just one more reason for me not to be a fan of Dr. Rice, I suppose.

(edited by DrGail)

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