Something Light For A Sunday Night: Special Graveyard Shifter’s Edition

I haven’t done a Something Light since St. Patty’s Day, and much love to our prodigal Mac who came back in grand fashion (as well as had me searching my own personal feelings towards scientology) with our weekly musical offering (which has become something less than weekly as of late).  But in the spirit of at least one more change that begins tonight, I’m going to lace you folks up with some some ear thumping awesomeness (or something like) right about now.

The big change is what I hope will be a permanent change to my posting schedule.  With all these wonderful writers and opinions, I’m going to change things around for myself in such a matter that I can actually sleep once in a while.  As a result, I’m going to be blogging into the late hours of the night (like tonight), and get things nice and warmed up for my wonderful colleagues who will take over in the daylight hours.

One of the reasons is because, well, it’s just been a pain in the butt keeping myself awake lately:(tragically, couldn’t find an original band video of this one, so I went with the Lost in Translation mashup…)

Now, I’m no stranger to sleep deprivation, and let me tell you, when it hits, it hits hard, and you go a little bit loopy. Mike sent me a perfect song for this, but it got me thinking of the original. Now, the original predates music videos, but this amateur video of the song, is, simply put, too good not to feature:

So hopefully, starting tomorrow I’ll be able to enjoy me some sweet dreams (I tried to get Annie, I really did, but the only one that allowed embedding was a live performance where she was dressed up like Elvis… couldn’t do it, sorry):

Or, at the very least, maybe just a little dream:

So starting this night, I’m going to blogging through the nights. (Note: I’m going to be talking about where I first heard this song sometime in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned)

That’s enough music for you guys for now. Back to politics.



2 Responses to “Something Light For A Sunday Night: Special Graveyard Shifter’s Edition”

  1. Dynamic says:

    I can jump on this bandwagon – I recently recorded a new promotional CD as a birthday present for a good friend of mine. Here’s a link to download it.

    Hope you like very happy, very fast music. 😆

  2. Dude cool, I’ll have to check it out when I get home tonight.

    As for wanting some insomniac who keeps your hours, guess what? That insomniac is me!

    Yeah, I’m changing my schedule around so that I sleep through the day now. it tis aewsome

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