Speaking of Video Games…

John McCain’s ignorance regarding Iraq and the Middle East is so gross I don’t even want him playing a video game about the region for fear of screwing everything up.

I’m dead serious here.

Here’s a guy who, on multiple occasions, has claimed that Iran and al Qaeda were in cahoots with each other, ignoring some pretty blatant factors that would seemingly point to the contrary. But when the number two man in al Qaeda itself comes out and says that they’re hoping the US and Iran beat each other to a pulp, and they’ll kindly step in and take care of the leftovers regardless of which nation is left standing, well, I would be real embarrassed, how about you?

I mean, especially for Mr. I-got-all-the-FP-and-NS-experience guy, it’s just a pity to be so wrong all the time. John? Were you dozing off during the intelligence briefings? How about the evening news? Come on, man, keep it together for at least, like, thirty minutes or something, this is getting silly.

Oh… wait… I forgot, this is the entire Muslim world conspiring to make McCain look bad so he won’t win the election. My bad, John. Go ‘head.

Oh… oh, yeah, and then there’s the whole, if we get out of Iraq, al Qaeda’s going to take over. *ahem*

Steve Benen takes care of this idea with a deft touch:

As Joe Klein recently responded after McCain made an identical claim:

They’d be taking a country? Last time I checked, Iraq has a Shi’ite majority. McCain thinks the Shi’ites–the Mahdi Army, the Badr Corps (and yes, the Iranians)–would allow a small group of Sunni extremists to take over? In fact, as noted above, the vast majority of indigenous Iraqi Sunnis aren’t too thrilled about the AQI presence in their country, either.

The reality is AQI has no real allies in Iraq. The Kurds have no use for them, the Shiite majority has no use for murderous Sunni jihadists running around their country, and Sunnis have been rising up against AQI since before the “surge” even began. If we left, al Qaeda would “take” Iraq? Not in this reality, it won’t.

So, either Lieberman was creating a new terrorist group that doesn’t exist, or he doesn’t understand the basics of what’s going in Iraq after more than five years of war.

Sure, Joe, remind us again about how those who got the war right from the start don’t “come to this debate with a lot of credibility.”

What Steve’s missing is that in John McCain’s (and Joe Lieberman’s) video game reality of Iraq, al Qaeda’s the final boss fight. A really long final boss fight. We’re talking a Final Fantasy, I got to get up and take a leak twenty times, and squeeze in a nap between cut scenes, kind of final boss fight.

(editorial blessing by DrGail)

3 Responses to “Speaking of Video Games…”

  1. J says:

    McCain’s enemy are the “gooks” and I think to him “gooks” are all the same- shiites, sunnis, anyone not like him. So in a video game they are all one the same.

    I believe he totally suffers from PTSD and I feel sorry for him but it is really really frightening to think of him becoming President.

  2. Be carefulwith those ideas though… as much as I don’t want him in the White House, I also dont want to give him the Max Cleland treatment…

  3. matttbastard says:

    Don’t worry. He’ll never get the Cleland (nor the Kerry) treatment. The Village Idiots in the Beltway press corps are too busy giving McSame a perpetual tongue bath to actually do any serious dirt-digging.

    Remember: whoever gets the Democratic nod won’t just be fighting against the Maverick; they’ll also have to contend with his gushing fanbase riding the Man Crush Express.

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